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About me

Post doctoral researcher and Resident Physician in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


PhD 2014, Lund University

MD 2014, Karolinska University Hospital

MD 2010, Linköping University

Research description

My main research focus is precarious employment conditions and health but also the importance of a sustainable working life. Precarious employment is a comprehensive term that captures several aspects of work including insufficient wages, vulnerability, lack of rights and temporary contracts. The increase in precarious work is a challenge that may seriously affect work environment and workers' health in many parts of the world, including Sweden. Limited information is available on the health effects associated with these type of working conditions and research data is scarce, which requires us to develop new methods and sampling strategies.

Project manager of Precarious Employment in Stockholm and its effects on health – Methodological development and implications for labor force surveys and register-based research PREMIS. The project is financed by FORTE and is a collaboration with researchers from Lund University, Universitat Pampeu Fabra in Barcelona and the department of public helath at KI. Read more about PREMIS by following this link.

Project manager of CURSOR and KIROS, a project where the aim is to examine the magnitude of under-reporting of occupational injuries in Swedish registers and the factors that can be linked to these differences. The objectives are aslo to make better estimates of the most important risk factors for occupational accidents in Sweden with a focus on precarious employmentconditions and Key Business indicators. The expected results may have implications for future inspections and preventive measures. The project is financed by FORTE and involves researchers from University Massachusetts, the Occupational Health Surveillance Program of Massachusetts and the Department of Public Helath at KI.

Project coordinator of the WE Program, an intervention study among sugar cane workers in El Salvador preventing heat stress and chronic kidney disease of unknown causes. The project is financed by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. 

Project coordinator of Sustainable Work 2020, an advocacy platform for Horizon 2020. Financed by Vinnova. Visit the project website to join the network. 

Teaching portfolio

I currently supervise two PhD students and several graduate students completing their masters thesis.

I also teach and supervise students on the medical program at KI and serve as mentor for two PhD students and four medical students.


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