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About me

Teresa Sörö is a Pediatric Specialist Nurse with a MSc. She has been a strategic education developer at Medical Case Centre (MCC) at Karolinska Institutet since 2012 and are responsible for MCC:s educational programmes. Teresa has a considerable experience in implementation of interactive learning in courses, both in case based learning as well as other interactive activities both in physical meetings and through learning platforms.

Teresa is responsible for the 12- month International Educational Leadership Program and the special program on art an interactive learning that MCC are running. Currently she is also involved as project manager in redevelopment of physical learning environments at Karolinska Institutet's campus Huddinge.

Teresa has experience from curriculum development starting at 2007 when she designed, and was responsible for the implementation of specialist nursing programme in Critical Care at the Red Cross University College (RCUC). As a lecturer at RCUC Teresa have been course director within PGME as well as within the nursing programme. She is now involved in RCUC as a education developer with special focus on the nursing programme.


Teresa Sörö is a Pediatric Specialist Nurse with a MSc.Teresa is a Harvard-Macy scholar in medical education at Harvard Medical School and has broaden her teaching experience at Harvard Business School. Her recent studies have focused on how to use technology in health care education as well as curriculum alignment.

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