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B cell-depleting therapy with rituximab or ofatumumab in immunoglobulin A nephropathy or vasculitis with nephritis
Lundberg S, Westergren E, Smolander J, Bruchfeld A
Clinical kidney journal 2017;10(1):20-26

Clinical validation of immunoglobulin A nephropathy diagnosis in Swedish biopsy registers
Jarrick S, Lundberg S, Welander A, Fored Cm, Ludvigsson Jf
Clinical epidemiology 2017;9():67-73

Erratum to: Risk factors for progression in children and young adults with IgA nephropathy: an analysis of 261 cases from the VALIGA European cohort
Coppo R, Lofaro D, Camilla Rr, Bellur S, Cattran D, Cook Ht, et al
Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany) 2017;32(1):193-194

Risk factors for progression in children and young adults with IgA nephropathy: an analysis of 261 cases from the VALIGA European cohort
Coppo R, Lofaro D, Camilla Rr, Bellur S, Cattran D, Cook Ht, et al
Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany) 2017;32(1):139-150

Diarrhea-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome with severe neurological manifestations treated with IgG depletion through immunoadsorption
Flam B, Sackey P, Berge A, Zachau Ac, Brink B, Lundberg S
Journal of nephrology 2016;29(5):711-4

Tonsillectomy in a European Cohort of 1,147 Patients with IgA Nephropathy
Era-edta Immunonephrology Working, Feehally J, Coppo R, Troyanov S, Bellur Ss, Cattran D, et al
NEPHRON 2016;132(1):15-24

Circulating anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies with predominance of subclass IgG4 and false-negative immunoassay test results in anti-glomerular basement membrane disease
Ohlsson S, Herlitz H, Lundberg S, Selga D, Mölne J, Wieslander J, et al
American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation 2014;63(2):289-93

Risk of renal disease in patients with both type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease
Mollazadegan K, Fored M, Lundberg S, Ludvigsson J, Ekbom A, Montgomery Sm, et al
Diabetologia 2014;57(7):1339-45

Validation of the Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy in cohorts with different presentations and treatments
Coppo R, Troyanov S, Bellur S, Cattran D, Cook Ht, Feehally J, et al
Kidney international 2014;86(4):828-36

Genetic evidence for involvement of adaptive immunity in the development of IgA nephropathy: MHC class II alleles are protective in a Caucasian population
Vuong Mt, Lundberg S, Gunnarsson I, Wramner L, Lundström E, Fernström A, et al
Human immunology 2013;74(8):957-60

FGF23, albuminuria, and disease progression in patients with chronic IgA nephropathy
Lundberg S, Qureshi Ar, Olivecrona S, Gunnarsson I, Jacobson Sh, Larsson Te
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN 2012;7(5):727-34

Impact of the apolipoprotein B/apolipoprotein A-I ratio on renal outcome in immunoglobulin A nephropathy
Lundberg S, Gunnarsson I, Jacobson Sh

Soluble interleukin-2 receptor alfa predicts renal outcome in IgA nephropathy
Lundberg S, Lundahl J, Gunnarsson I, Sundelin B, Jacobson Sh
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association 2012;27(5):1916-23

Association of soluble CD89 levels with disease progression but not susceptibility in IgA nephropathy
Vuong Mt, Hahn-zoric M, Lundberg S, Gunnarsson I, Van Kooten C, Wramner L, et al
KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL 2010;78(12):1281-7

Atorvastatin-induced modulation of monocyte respiratory burst in vivo in patients with IgA nephropathy: a chronic inflammatory kidney disease
Lundberg S, Lundahl J, Gunnarsson I, Jacobson Sh
CLINICAL NEPHROLOGY 2010;73(3):221-8

Genetic Risk Factors in Lupus Nephritis and IgA Nephropathy - No Support of an Overlap
Mai Tv, Gunnarsson I, Lundberg S, Svenungsson E, Wramner L, Fernstrom A, et al
PLOS ONE 2010;5(5):e10559-

Genetic Study of IgA Nephropathy and Lupus Nephritis: No Overlap in Genetic Risk Factors
Vuong M, Gunnarsson I, Lundberg S, Wramner L, Fernstrom A, Syvanen Ac, et al

Mycophenolate mofetil vs azathioprine for remission maintenance in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis: a randomized controlled trial
Hiemstra Tf, Walsh M, Mahr A, Savage Co, De Groot K, Harper L, et al
JAMA 2010;304(21):2381-8

Genetic variation in the transforming growth factor-beta 1 gene is associated with susceptibility to IgA nephropathy
Mai Tv, Lundberg S, Gunnarsson I, Wramner L, Seddighzadeh M, Hahn-zoric M, et al

Evidence for genetic regulation of Fc alpha receptor (CD89) expression: Study of soluble CD89 in plasma of IgA nephropathy patients and healthy controls
Hahn-zoric M, Vuong M, Lundberg S, Wramner L, Ahlmen J, Hanson La, et al

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