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About me

I am a researcher and statistician at the Swedish Twin Registry ( and the Department of Medicial Epidemiology and Biostatistics ( I've been working with genetically informative population data since 2009.




Master in mathematics, 2009, Uppsala Univeristy

PhD in epidemiology, 2014, Karolinska Institutet

Research description

Register based research on Borderline Personality Disorder

I am leading an investigation into Borderline Personality Disorder, its causes, comorbidities, consequences, and pharmacological treatments. We use Swedish population-wide register data to unravel associations and investigate hypothesis in the largest sample ever to be investigated for the disorder.

Psychiatric Epidemiology

I am involved in investigation into e.g. ADHD, autism, and anxiety in the groups of Henrik Larsson ( and Paul Lichtenstein (


[Analysis on the heritability of diabetes, based on data from the Chinese adult twins]
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Longitudinal changes in the genetic and environmental influences on the epigenetic clocks across old age: Evidence from two twin cohorts
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Frailty index as a predictor of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in a Swedish population-based cohort
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