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About me

I am working as system developer, database manager and web editor with different projects such as the National Registry for Cervical Cancer Screening, Prostate cancer study (STHLM0), attitude and knowledge about HPV vaccine, Women lifecycle and health, infectious diseases and cancer in Uganda, NOCCA and ACCES. My main tasks are management of data, analyzing data for different researchers, designing of databases/tables, developing of systems and databases. I am working also with publishing of our websites. I am working with some tools such as Oracle for administration and designing of databases, SAS and STATA for analyzing of data, LIME (CRM), ConfirmIt for design of questionnaires and Drupal for publishing of websites.


Computer Science and Software Enginnering in 4 years at Technical University in Tehran, Certification for Object Orienting Design and Programming (Enea data), Project leading course in 4 months (Academia). I have participated in many courses to learn different tools and programming languages as like as SAS, Java, Webb applications and design of questionnaires, Web application and reports (Learning Tree and KI).

Research description


I work with these projects:



Registry-based assessment of the status of cervical screening in Sweden.
Elfström K, Sparén P, Olausson P, Almstedt P, Strander B, Dillner J
J Med Screen 2016 12;23(4):217-226

Cervical cancer screening in Sweden 2014-2016.
Hortlund M, Elfström K, Sparén P, Almstedt P, Strander B, Dillner J
PLoS ONE 2018 ;13(12):e0209003


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