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About me

I obtained my UC in Nursing from University College of Health Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden in 1985 and worked clinically for more than ten years as an RN within the academic hospital system in the Stockholm area. I have held different positions as a nurse within the fields of hematology, clinical immunology and sexually transmissible infections including HIV. As a Research Coordinator I coordinated several phase II and III clinical trials in the fields of anti-retroviral therapy and therapeutic HIV vaccines. Doing translational research within the HIV field, I completed an MSc in Chemistry at Stockholm University in 2001 and a PhD in Nursing at Karolinska Institutet in 2003. At present, I am a Docent (Associate Professor) in Care Sciences and holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Nursing at Karolinska Institutet where I am joint lead of the Division of Innovative Care Research focusing on interdiciplinary health care science research and on improving its translation into practice by linking research, education and practice. I am affiliated to the Lampic & Wettergren research group and have a clinical affiliation to the Department of Infectious Diseases at Karolinska University Hospital. Since 2013, I am also holding a part-time position as Reader in Nursing at the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London, United Kingdom.


PhD in Nursing, Karolinska Institutet, 2003

Master of Science in Chemistry, Stockholm University, 2001

University Certificate in Nursing/Registered Nurse, Stockholm University College of Health Sciences, 1985

Research description

With university degrees in both nursing and natural sciences (Chemistry), Lars' scientific profile has developed towards the branch in care science established as biobehavioural nursing research or translational nursing research. Even if there is no absolute consensus, biobehavioural nursing research could be defined as research that strives towards increased understandings of the links between biologic, behavioural and social manifestations of vulnerability and risk in different populations. Early in his research career, he combined scientific activity within nursing and biomedicine, mainly in the areas of HIV and sexual health. After the dissertation work, his research line has expanded to include studies of populations with other long-lasting or chronic conditions. He is PI for studies investigating quality of life, stigma and illness perception in children, young adults and adults with HIV infections and adults with MRSA infections. Furthermore, he is a joint PI for a translational nursing research project on the early signs of lung cancer.

Current and Recently Completed Grants / Activities

To grow up with an innate or early acquired HIV infection supported by a doctoral student grant from the National Research School of Health Care Sciences, Karolinska Institutet and a project grant from Kempe-Carlgrenska Foundation (PI).

Disease-related stigma and quality of life in people living with MRSA or HIV infection - supported by a doctoral student grant from the National Research School of Health Care Sciences, Karolinska Institutet (PI).

To live with HIV in Sweden - a national survey on commission by the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (co-investigator).

Mapping of prediagnostic health changes: development and use of an instrument to link subjective experience with clinical, metabolic and molecular changes to facilitate early detection of lung cancer - supported by the Swedish Cancer Society, the Vårdal Foundation and the Swedish Research Council (joint PI).

Life interrupted the impact of cancer on fertility and sexuality among adolescents and young adults - supported by the Swedish Cancer Society and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (co-investigator).

Key words

Living with chronic or long-lasting conditions, Quality of life, Disease-related stigma, Sexual and reproductive health, HIV, MRSA, HPV, Cancer survivorship, Translational nursing research, Biomarker research, Symptom research, Patient reported outcomes, Surveys, Internet-based focus groups

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Docent (associate professor) in care science, Karolinska Institutet, 2009



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