Lars Gösta Hellström

Lars Gösta Hellström

Affiliated to Teaching/Tutoring
Visiting address: Hälsovägen, Enheten för funktion och teknologi C2:76, 14186 Stockholm
Postal address: H9 Klinisk vetenskap, intervention och teknik, H9 CLINTEC Radiologi Funktion och teknologi, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • Master of Science in Applied Engineering Physics at the Royal Institute of
    Technology (KTH), Stockholm 1973. Laboratory/Research engineer, Department of
    Medical Engineering, Karolinska Institute 1973. Lecturer, Department of
    Medical Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institute 1993 and Senior Lecturer
    2004. From 2010 at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and
    Technology, Division of Medical Imaging and Technology.
    For short periods been working as programmer at Siemens-Elema and journalist,
    among others "Ny Teknik" and "Elteknik". Director of Studies in Medical
    Engineering at Karolinska Institute 1997. Head of the educational program
    Management in Medical Engineering 1997. PhD at Karolinska Institute 2002.
    Director of Studies in Medical Engineering at the Royal institute of
    technology 2007. Head of the Division of Medical Engineering at the
    Department of Medical Laboratory Medicine 2008-2010.
    *Teaching interest*
    Teaching has been my main activity since 1993, as I assisted in the
    establishment of the educational program Management in Medical Engineering at
    Södertörn University. This was a joint project between Karolinska
    Institute, Södertörn University and Stockholm University. My previous
    teaching activity concerned tutoring M Sc students at the Royal Institute of
    Technology in their master thesis works, which is something I am still very
    happy to do, and often in subjects crossing between the academic fields, such
    as into business administration, health economics, medicine and medical
    I have personally started and designed a number of different courses in
    medical engineering which are given at Södertörn University, the Royal
    Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute. For more than ten years, I
    have been head of the educational program Management in Medical Engineering
    (BSc and MSc), which offers companies and health care in the Stockholm region
    a new and unique profession, combining important skills for the
    multi-professional health area. My pedagogical philosophy is rather simple:
    listen to the students and be open for new pedagogical experience.


  • *Research interest*
    As a research engineer, I have been active in research in various areas. I
    have studied the relation between bone mineral content and strength of the
    femoral neck, made experiments with zenon x-ray detection, worked with an
    optical method for tomographic reconstruction of x-ray images and a method
    for skin blood flow measurement, performed signal analysis of heart sounds,
    measured anesthesia gas leakage during surgery and automated anesthesia
    records. My main research area and doctoral thesis relates to measurement of
    the function of the respiratory centers. The research involves techniques and
    methods to determine respiratory activity, and the application in anesthesia,
    pharmacology and lung medicine. One ongoing study concerns the influence on
    breathing in pulmonary arterial hypertension.



  • Affiliated to Teaching/Tutoring, Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Karolinska Institutet, 2023-2026

Degrees and Education

  • Doctor Of Philosophy, Dept of Med. Lab. Sc. & Engineering, Karolinska Institutet, 2002

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