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About me

I am a PhD student at the department of Learning Informatics Mangement and Ethics (LIME) at Karolinska Institutet. I am part of the clinical management research group at LIME's Medical Management Center (MMC). 

My research interest lie within the fields of health economics, clinical care delivery management, and health policy. I am currently focusing with empirical costing and outcomes measurement in care delivery, and with value based health care. In the future, I am interested in collaborating with healthcare professionals, patients, and stakeholders interested in empirically developing the VBHC framework in order to inform reimbursement policy.

I consitently reflect on the implcaitions of systems thinking and complexity theory for my research, and how they relate to our world views and methods as researchers.


Karolinska institutet (2015-Present)

Doctorate of Medicine (in progress)

Karolinska institutet (2011 – 2013)

Master of Science, Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management

Warren Wilson College (2004-2008)

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Bachelor of Arts, Business

Research description

I am responsible for a project that explores the application of value-based health care in a clinical setting for patients with multiple chronic conditions. My research is important because it aims to accurately capture value, in terms of outcomes and costs, at the level of the  patient's condition. An accurate estimation of value may allow for value-based comparisons of care processes across patients, wards, organizations, and time. Such comparisons faciliate evidence-based decisions for payers and providers, specifically in regards to reimbursement, purchasing, and care delivery.

The title of my thesis is: What is the value of multidisciplinary collaboration in health care? Outcomes and costs of a person-centered integrated care unit for patients with cardiovascular disease, renal dysfunction and diabetes.

Teaching portfolio

I am/was invovled as a teacher in various capacities for the following courses at LIME.

Healthcare managment

  • Health and medical care management (Spring 2014)
  • Advanced heatlh and medical care management (Fall 2013, Fall 2014, and Fall 2015)

Health economics

  • Ecnoomic evaluations of heatlh care programs (Spring 2014)
  • Adavanced course in health economics (Fall 2013)

Health Policy

  • Planning for Health (Fall 2013)
  • Advanced course in health systems and policy (Fall 2013)

Project managment

  • Project managment (Fall 2015)
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