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I am employed as a senior researcher in the cognitive neuroscience of aging at the Aging Research Center. My research interests cover a range of topics related to cognitive aging, including (a) cognitive functioning in preclinical dementia, (b) the effect of vascular factors on cognitive performance in normal aging and dementia, (c) structural brain correlates to old-age cognitive performance, (d) genetic effects on brain structure and cognition, (e) correlates to olfactory memory in aging, and (f) cognitive decline in close proximity to death.

In parallel with my research activities, I am the scientific coordinator of the collection of cognitive data in the Swedish National study on Aging and Care in Kungsholmen (SNAC-K) and regularly teaches classes in cognitive aging, psychology, and statistics.


Associate professor in Psychology 2018, Karolinska Institutet

PhD in Medical Science 2006, Karolinska Institutet

MSc in Psychology 1998, Uppsala University

Licensed psychologist 2003


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