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About me

Christina Olsson – coordinator at Mörby Academic Primary Health Care Center, Stockholm County Council and lecturer at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Science and Society.

I gained my degree in Physiotherapy in Uppsala in 1985. I defended my thesis for a PhD in 2010. Title: “Lumbopelvic pain during and after pregnancy. Aspects on catastrophizing, fear-avoidance beliefs, physical ability and health-related quality of life”.

I have worked for many years as a physiotherapist in primary healthcare in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been involved in the clinical education program for physiotherapy students and I have also worked as a lecturer at the physiotherapy education program at Karolinska Institutet, mainly within the musculoskeletal area. I have been working with professional development and continuing education for physiotherapists in primary health care in the Stockholm area. At present I am the interprofessional coordinator of clinical education, continuing education and patient-oriented research at an Academic Primary Healthcare Center in Stockholm.


Education (ECTS-credits)

Higher education

1985 University Certificate (U. C.) in Physiotherapy, Uppsala
2001 Master of Medical Science with a major in Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
2010 Doctor of Philosophy, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Doctoral studies

2004 Interview Techniques, KI, Stockholm, 3,75hp
2005 Research in Physiotherapy and Movement Science, KI, Stockholm, 7,5hp
2006 Basic course in medical statistics, KI, Stockholm, 3hp
2007 To communicate science, KI, Stockholm, 1,5hp
2007 Writing Science and Information Literacy, 3hp


1997 Pedagogy for physiotherapy supervisors, KI, Stockholm, 7,5hp
2011 Basic Course in Education for University Teachers in Higher Education,
Lime (CME), KI, Stockholm , eq 7,5hp
2012 Doctoral supervision, KI (5 days), KI, Stockholm.
2014 Flexible Distance Online Learning, KI, Stockholm, eq 3hp


1994 Supplementary education in Physiotherapy (30hp), KI, Stockholm, 30hp
2000 Advanced course in Physiotherapy (project 30hp) KI, Stockholm , 45hp
2000 Women’s medicine, Uppsala university, 7,5hp
2003 Exercise in health, ill health and chronic disability, KI, Stockholm, 15hp
2005 Health from a gender perspective, KI, Stockholm, 15hp

Research description

My main research interest is lumbopelvic pain during and after pregnancy but also other areas related to primary healthcare. I am currently involved in studies concerning osteoarthritis and the National Quality register “Better management of patients with OsteoArthrtis (BOA)”. I also have a great interest in clinical education and interprofessional learning.

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