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About me

I am a physician, specialist in Family Medicine, interested in how to open up communication between our seriously ill patients and their own underaged children.


Medical school of Umeå University.

Courses in pubic health at Nordiska Hälsovårdshögskolan, Gothenburg.

Specialist of Family Medicine.

PhD student.

Research description

Swedish health care law ask us to consider the need of informing underaged children of their parents illness. Our research contribute to the development pracitse in this field through interview data with parents on longterm sickleave in Primary Health Care and their underaged children. We use Grounded Theory as method of analysis. This together with a systematic litterature review will provide basis for suggestions for improved practise.

Teaching portfolio

I have for many years tutored medical students and recident doctors at all levels. I enjoy cooperating with other professions and have also tutored psycology students in writing Master thesis.

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