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Evaluation of a sensor algorithm for motor state rating in Parkinson's disease
Johansson D, Thomas I, Ericsson A, Johansson A, Medvedev A, Memedi M, et al
Parkinsonism & related disorders 2019;():-

Individualization of levodopa treatment using a microtablet dispenser and ambulatory accelerometry
Johansson D, Ericsson A, Johansson A, Medvedev A, Nyholm D, Ohlsson F, et al
CNS neuroscience & therapeutics 2018;24(5):439-447

Safety and tolerability of IRL790 in Parkinson's disease with levodopa-induced dyskinesia-a phase 1b trial
Svenningsson P, Johansson A, Nyholm D, Tsitsi P, Hansson F, Sonesson C, et al
NPJ Parkinson's disease 2018;4():35-

The Parkinson's Disease Composite Scale: results of the first validation study
Stocchi F, Radicati Fg, Chaudhuri Kr, Johansson A, Padmakumar C, Falup-pecurariu C, et al
European journal of neurology 2018;25(3):503-511

Genetic Variations and mRNA Expression of NRF2 in Parkinson's Disease
Ran C, Wirdefeldt K, Brodin L, Ramezani M, Westerlund M, Xiang F, et al
Parkinson's disease 2017;2017():4020198-

Levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel (LCIG) treatment in routine care of patients with advanced Parkinson's disease: An open-label prospective observational study of effectiveness, tolerability and healthcare costs
Pålhagen Se, Sydow O, Johansson A, Nyholm D, Holmberg B, Widner H, et al
Parkinsonism & related disorders 2016;29():17-23

Strong association between glucocerebrosidase mutations and Parkinson's disease in Sweden
Ran C, Brodin L, Forsgren L, Westerlund M, Ramezani M, Gellhaar S, et al
Neurobiology of aging 2016;45():212.e5-212.e11

A Comparison of Botox 100 U/mL and Dysport 100 U/mL Using Dose Conversion Ratio 1: 3 and 1: 1.7 in the Treatment of Cervical Dystonia: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Crossover Trial
Rystedt A, Zetterberg L, Burman J, Nyholm D, Johansson A
Clinical neuropharmacology 2015;38(5):170-6

Automatic Spiral Analysis for Objective Assessment of Motor Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease
Memedi M, Sadikov A, Groznik V, Žabkar J, Možina M, Bergquist F, et al
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 2015;15(9):23727-44

Validity and Responsiveness of At-Home Touch Screen Assessments in Advanced Parkinson's Disease
Memedi M, Nyholm D, Johansson A, Pålhagen S, Willows T, Widner H, et al
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 2015;19(6):1829-34

Pharmacokinetics of levodopa, carbidopa, and 3-O-methyldopa following 16-hour jejunal infusion of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel in advanced Parkinson's disease patients
Nyholm D, Odin P, Johansson A, Chatamra K, Locke C, Dutta S, et al
The AAPS journal 2013;15(2):316-23

The HLA-DRA variation rs3129882 is not associated with Parkinson's disease in Sweden
Ran C, Willows T, Sydow O, Johansson A, Söderkvist P, Dizdar N, et al
Parkinsonism & related disorders 2013;19(7):701-2

Complexity of Motor Response to Different Doses of Duodenal Levodopa Infusion in Parkinson Disease
Nyholm D, Johansson A, Aquilonius Sm, Hellquist E, Lennernas H, Askmark H

Interim analysis of long-term intraduodenal levodopa infusion in advanced Parkinson disease
Pålhagen Se, Dizdar N, Hauge T, Holmberg B, Jansson R, Linder J, et al
Acta neurologica Scandinavica 2012;126(6):e29-33

Levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel infusion long-term therapy in advanced Parkinson's disease
Nyholm D, Klangemo K, Johansson A
European journal of neurology 2012;19(8):1079-85

Levodopa infusion combined with entacapone or tolcapone in Parkinson disease: a pilot trial
Nyholm D, Johansson A, Lennernas H, Askmark H

Observing Huntington's disease: the European Huntington's Disease Network's REGISTRY
European Huntington's Dis Network, Orth M, Handley Oj, Schwenke C, Dunnett S, Wild Ej, et al

A new computer method for assessing drawing impairment in Parkinson's disease
Westin J, Ghiamati S, Memedi M, Nyholm D, Johansson A, Dougherty M, et al

Circadian Rhythmicity in Levodopa Pharmacokinetics in Patients With Parkinson Disease
Nyholm D, Lennernas H, Johansson A, Estrada M, Aquilonius Sm

[(11)C]-PIB imaging in patients with Parkinson's disease: preliminary results
Johansson A, Savitcheva I, Forsberg A, Engler H, Långström B, Nordberg A, et al
Parkinsonism & related disorders 2008;14(4):345-7

Enteral Levodopa/Carbidopa infusion in advanced Parkinson disease: Long-term exposure
Nyholm D, Lewander T, Johansson A, Lewitt Pa, Lundqvist C, Aquilonius Sm

Evidence for astrocytosis in ALS demonstrated by [C-11](L)-deprenyl-D2 PET
Johansson A, Engler H, Blomquist G, Scott B, Wall A, Aquilonius Sm, et al

Cerebrospinal fluid protein patterns in neurodegenerative disease revealed by liquid chromatography-Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
Ramström M, Ivonin I, Johansson A, Askmark H, Markides Ke, Zubarev R, et al
Proteomics 2004;4(12):4010-8

Increased serum and cerebrospinal fluid FGF-2 levels in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Johansson A, Larsson A, Nygren I, Blennow K, Askmark H
NEUROREPORT 2003;14(14):1867-9

VEGF is increased in serum but not in spinal cord from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Nygren I, Larsson A, Johansson A, Askmark H
NEUROREPORT 2002;13(17):2199-201

Parkinsonism and neck extensor myopathy - A new syndrome or coincidental findings?
Askmark H, Eeg-olofsson Ke, Johansson A, Nilsson P, Olsson Y, Aquilonius Sm
ARCHIVES OF NEUROLOGY 2001;58(2):232-7

GDNF but not BDNF is increased in cerebrospinal fluid in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Grundstrom E, Lindholm D, Johansson A, Blennow K, Askmark H
NEUROREPORT 2000;11(8):1781-3

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