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About me

Assistant professor

Tel +46 738702423


Karolinska Institutet, Postdoctoral training, March 2014

University of Nottingham, PhD Clinical Neurology, July 2014

University of Dundee, MSc Human Anatomy and Identification. Sep 2009.


Research description

At KI, I have been part of a multidisciplinary research group interested in different aspects of epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My research addresses important questions facing patients, physicians and researchers with an aim to forge understanding of mechanisms behind progression of physical disability and cognitive impairment in MS. My aim has been to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations between researchers, patients and clinicians through several national and international projects. 

The objective of my research at KI is focused around three aims:

  • Explore genetic, environmental, clinical and lifestyle risk factors for MS disability accumulation;
  • Characterise disability progression and its variation across sociodemographic and clinical subgroups;
  • Develop and validate more accurate and responsive methods of measuring MS disability using linked nationwide information.


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Karolinska University Hospital


Watch me talking about role of environment and life-style factors in risk of developing MS at the 2018 European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ECTRIMS) congress in Berlin.