Alda Saldan

Alda Saldan

Research Infrastructure Specialist
Visiting address: Biomedicum Solnavägen 9, 17165 Solna
Postal address: C1 Mikrobiologi, tumör- och cellbiologi, C1 Parasitology and CF Facs Facilitet, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a flow cytometry research engineer at the Biomedicum Flow Cytometry Facility at KI. I have experience in conventional &
  • spectral flow cytometry, fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), and high-parameter flow cytometry data analysis.

    My experience and skills cover the following techniques and assays:
    - In-depth immunophenotyping of myeloid and lymphoid cell subsets in human and mouse samples

  • - Cell cycle and proliferation analysis

  • - Cytotoxicity &
  • immune killing assays

  • - Cytokine Bead Array

  • - Cell trafficking and co-localization by image cytometry

  • - Data analysis on different software/platforms (FACSDiva, FlowJo, FlowLogic, OMIQ, and more)

  • - FACS sorting (eukaryotic cells, nuclei, bacteria)

  • - Education &
  • training for researchers on conventional &
  • spectral flow cytometry

  • - Assistance with panel design and data analysis for both conventional and spectral flow cytometry.
    If you are planning to use flow cytometry or FACS for your research, you are welcome to contact me for advice or for any flow cytometry-related question.

    BSc (Honours) in Molecular Biology (2007, University of Padova, Italy)
    MSc in Health Biology (2009, University of Padova, Italy)
    Postgraduate Specialisation Degree in Clinical Microbiology and Virology (2015, University of Torino, Italy)
    PhD in Immunology (2021, The University of Queensland, Australia)


  • Before joining the Biomedicum FACS Facility (BFC), my research activity has been focused mostly on the evaluation of the cytomegalovirus (CMV)-specific immune responses in immunocompromised patients and in studying the interplay between CMV infection and the anti-leukaemic immune responses after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


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