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Using the facility

Our services include a wide variety of competences in the analysis of human movement with high international recognition in different methodologies; from lab-based motion analysis to assessment of activities in daily life.

By combining various forms of motion analysis with cognitive and psychological measurements, uMOVE will offer the opportunity to:

  • Diagnose abnormal movement patterns
  • Evaluate the effect of treatment on motor control and daily activity
  • Identify biomarkers for disease or disease progression

The core facility provides service to users in a transparent manner, e.g. on a first come, first served basis; employing a fee-for-service where we can offer project specific tailored solutions, services and expertise in the research groups - from design of the project, data collection, analysis and interpretation to simply renting the equipment and/or lab space.


Initial consulatation: 0 SEK

The first consultation is always free of charge. The aim of this meeting is to establish your needs and demands and to discuss how the uMOVE core facility can support your study. Depending on the size and nature of your requirements and type of equipment involved, different pricing is applied (see below). For larger projects, a fixed compensation fee can be negotiated.

Fixed unit prices for services:

Fixed unit prices
Type of Service Invoicing Price (SEK)
Laboratory.based Motoriklabb ALB half-/fullday/hourly 3 000/dag 500/tim
Mobile movement analysis systems APDM Preparation and analysis of data 1000/dag 4000/vecka
Measurement of physical activity Actigraph 500/measure
ActivPAL 500/measure
Labbassistent/technician Collection/Preparation of data 300/hour
Research assistant Preparation/Analysis of data 250/hour

Application form

Contact uMOVE

Do you have questions regarding using the facility, prices, or do you wish to discuss an upcoming or ongoing research project? Please send an email to:

You may also directly contact  Anna Beling (research assistant) on: 08-524 865 73 or David Conradsson (Facility manager) on: 08-524 866 14