Neuroepidemiology and Health Services Research - Group members

Neuroepidemiology and health services research is an interdisciplinary field of research. Our research aims to contribute to improved health in people with neurological disability and in their families.

Our research includes studies of associations between neurological disease/injury and health, function, activity and participation in society among individuals and their families. Also health care interventions are studied, both from an individual, group and a social perspective, as well as the overall relation to efficiency and cost.

Our research group also study needs for health care interventions, in people with neurological disabilities and their families, as well as utilization of these efforts and satisfaction with care.

Group leader

Charlotte Ytterberg

Senior lecturer/physcial therapist

Group members

Marie Elf

Professor, Högskolan Dalarna
023-77 84 77

Andrea Hess Engström

Postdoctoral researcher

Maria Flink

Adjunct lecturer

Marie Kierkegaard

Senior lecturer/physcial therapist

Sebastian Lindblom

Postdoctoral researcher

Ulrika Meijer

PhD student

Lisbeth Minet

Fil.dr, lektor

Ann-Charlotte Widen Holmquist

Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Contributing researchers

Sverker Johansson

Senior lecturer/physcial therapist

Malin Tistad

Affiliated to research
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