Accesscard to FyFa- Biomedicum

Here you will find information about your FyFa access card.

Guest card, up to seven days

The reception can provide a guest card up to one week visit in Biomedicum. The group leader who is meeting the new member at the reception in Biomedicum can approve this service for the days corresponding to the time that the visiting researcher is staying in the building, up to seven days max. 
For access for more than seven days, see below.  

KI access card, more than seven days

The research group leader will have to contact the HR-unit at FyFa when a new member starts in the group, by providing the full name and time period. HR will add this information on FyFas access list. When that is done, a KI access card can be validated and handed out at the reception in Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6, Monday to Friday between 08:30-16:00. 

Introduction test Biomedicum

As a new employee, affiliate, or student at one of KI´s departments, but also as existing staff, you are offered a basic laboratory safety introduction. The introduction test is needed to get access to Biomedicum. You can find a link to the introduction test and instructions here.

When you are approved you will receive a diploma that you can download or print. You need to show your diploma and identification for the staff at the reception in Biomedicum to be able to have the right access. 

Extended access in Biomedicum

If you have a KI access card with Biomedicum access and need additional access to a specific room in the building, please contact FyFa HR and they can register the room number on the access list. Thereafter you can visit the reception. 

Ending access to Biomedicum

If you end your employment, your studies or affiliation to KI, you will have to return your access card at the reception in Biomedicum. 

The research group leader should contact HR-unit when staff members that are leaving on beforehand, to end the access to Biomedicum. 


Please contact with inquiries or questions.

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