NeurotechEU - Phase 1 (2021-2023)


  • Established alliance organisation, management and digital frameworks for research, education and innovation activities
  • Development of an efficient and inclusive way of working
  • Implemented mobility and exchange programs for students and staff
  • You can find all outcome deliverable reports at the NeurotechEU web page and under the respective work package below


A central goal of NeurotechEU activities is the continuous integration of education, research and innovation.

  • NeurotechEU activities are coordinated in work packages (WPs)
  • Each partner university led one WP
  • All universities had representatives in all WPs
NeurotechEUs organisation
Image: Eight work packages of the NeurotechEU organisation.
Workpackages NeurotechEU
Image: NeurotechEU work packages phase 1.

Work packages 2021-2023