NeurotechEU - Phase 2 (2023-2027)

The second phase will run for 4 years and involve all groups within KI: students on bachelor and master level, doctoral students, teachers, researchers, administrative staff and management.


A central goal of NeurotechEU activities is the continuous integration of education, research and innovation:

Following the successful building of the foundation of the NeurotechEU community during Phase 1, the activities of Phase 2 will be focused on:

  • removing administrative and cultural borders between partners
  • delivering the NeurotechEU masters and doctoral programmes
  • facilitating research and innovation collaborations across partners

Communication and local implementation

Implementation of the project within KI will be conducted widely through the university's various decision-making bodies, committees and groups. It is of great importance that the entire university is involved in designing the content of the project and identifies how and in what ways KI benefits the most from the collaboration in the future. For the success of the project, well-coordinated decisions will be required at all levels.

Emma Hägg