NeurotechEU: Management and coordination (WP1)

The work package lead by Radboud Universiteit (Netherlands) and co-lead by Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (Spain) aims to streamline and optimize NeurotechEU's operations.


Deliverables Responsible university
Governance structures and management including internal communication Radboud Universiteit (Netherlands), Lead
Quality guidelines and mechanisms for implementation Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (Spain), Co-lead

The work package aims to streamline and optimize NeurotechEU's operations by creating a modular and scalable governance structure for international, multi-institutional, and intersectoral collaboration. It will embed the values of NeurotechEU in all procedures, manage the organizational budget and financial operations in compliance with EC and national regulations, and enhance internal communication for better coherence and collaboration. Additionally, a comprehensive risk management plan will be implemented to reduce risks through regular assessments, ensuring the alliance's stability and success.

KI-representatives in WP1

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Ylva Olsson

Project Manager
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Maria Olsson

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Magnus Johansson

Quality assurance
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Mia Bjerke


Work packages

Emma Hägg