CMB Education

CMB provides training in cell and molecular biology at all levels: for Bachelor and Master's level students, for doctoral students and for physicians (CME).

The department strives to offer the very best of biomedical and medical education and the focus in the educational program at CMB is in intensive knowledge and advanced research skills. The pedagogy is centered in the acquisition and production of knowledge. The teaching faculty at CMB consists of active researchers that are experts in the production of new knowledge. Participation in educational activities is seen as an important part of the professional development of all personnel. The department actively encourages pedagogic development projects and supports teachers and teacher teams participating in such.

CMB contributes to the teaching of Cell biology in the Medicine and Biomedicine programs at the Karolinska Institutet.

Doctoral student training at CMB consists of research training provided by the supervisor and research group. Doctoral students at CMB take part in different departmental seminar series, journal clubs and present their results in international conferences. Doctoral students also complete a number of intensive 1-3 week long doctoral subject courses to provide a solid education basis.