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2024-06-07 Scar formation after spinal cord injury is more complex than previously thought

2024-06-01 Targeting leukemia's survival route: a novel approach to overcoming leukemia recurrence

2024-05-20 Camilla Björkegren new Head of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

2024-04-03 Exploring Research Spaces and Cultural Exchange: Insights from a Karolinska Institutet Visit

2024-03-12 KI-researcher Laura Baranello awarded ERC Consolidator Grant

2024-02-21 New technique developed for targeted protein degradation

2024-02-09 Fibroblasts in the penis are more important for erectile function than previously thought

2024-01-31 Gene expression influences the three-dimensional folding of chromosomes by altering the structure of the DNA helix


2023-12-08 New method is better able to map immune response and paves way for new treatments

2023-12-07 Innovation occurs at the intersection of different worlds

2023-12-04 The UTokyo-KI LINK programme inaugurated in Tokyo

2023-11-13 Researchers take new AI approach to analyse tumours

2023-11-01 DNA tangles allow for targeted cancer therapy via topoisomerase drug treatment

2023-09-08 Can mRNA technology disrupt conventional approaches for discovering and validating in vivo new therapeutic targets?

2023-08-25 Modification of mRNA controls cellular protein synthesis

2023-08-21 New mechanism by which cancer cells survive replication stress

2023-08-17 New mechanism by which cancer cells survive replication stress

2023-06-21 Harnessing the power of healthy cells to suppress skin cancer formation

2023-06-09 Rickard Sandberg is a molecular codebreaker

2023-04-21 Progenitor cells offer great hope for heart failure patients

2023-04-19 Nature-study reveals new mechanism for DNA folding

2023-03-07 Rickard Sandberg awarded the Torsten Söderberg Academy Professorship in Medicine


2022-11-22 Three KI researchers are awarded the 2022 ERC StG

2022-11-11 Capturing the onset of stem cell differentiation in the skin

2022-10-14 They are awarded KAW project grants in 2022

2022-08-27 Epigenetic control of transcriptional stability maintains identity and function in dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons

2022-08-23 In vivo drug discovery for increasing incretin-expressing cells in diabetes

2022-06-13 New research reveals unexpected function for basic DNA-based processes during chromosome folding

2022-06-03 The non-coding 7S RNA regulates gene expression in human mitochondria

2022-06-02 New gold-standard quality control tool for RNA sequencing in single cells

2022-06-01 Improved method for single-cell RNA-sequencing at scale

2022-05-20 Fantasiexperter till forskningens tjänst (ONLY IN SWEDISH)

2022-05-16 Heart progenitors spontaneously regenerate cardiac muscle in salamanders

2022-05-10 Hybrid strains make insidious parasite more dangerous

2022-03-03 New tool reveals function of enigmatic gene sequences

2022-02-23 RNA molecules control repair of human DNA in cancer cells



2021-12-22 International cancer award to two KI researchers

2021-12-08 Maria Masucci awarded the 2021 Silver Medal

2021-10-29 About half a billion SEK from Swedish Research Council to KI researchers

2021-10-04 New insight on the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes

2021-08-24 New technique to manipulate gene expression and study genetic diseases

2021-06-16 Mitochondrial ribosome assembly in 3D

2021-05-25 In vivo drug discovery for b-cell proliferation in diabetes

2021-03-03 A new technology used in mouse model to study the disease Alagille syndrome

2021-02-11 Aberrant splicing in neuroblastoma generates RNA-fusion transcripts and provides vulnerability to spliceosome inhibitors

2021-02-08 Professor Kenneth Chien about Moderna and the COVID-19-vaccine

2021-01-12 New small antibodies show promising effects against COVID-19 infection



2020-11-30 New core facility offers world class imaging technique

2020-11-05 KI collaboration awarded ERC Synergy Grant of almost SEK 100 million

2020-06-05 CYCLIN-B1/2 and CYCLIN-D1 act in opposition to coordinate cortical stem cell self-renewal and lineage commitment

2020-05-19 Mapping cell types by single cell sequencing in a Parkinson’s disease cell therapy model

2020-05-07 High-resolution mapping of cell types with improved single-cell sequencing

2020-01-08 Sten Eirik Waelgaard Jacobsen new member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences


2019-12-17 Bored at work? Fat chance

2019-10-17 Book reading with Lisa Gruenberg

2019-10-06 Medicinvetarna #23: Vem får Nobelpris?

2019-09-03 They are awarded the ERC Starting Grant

2019-05-24 András Simon appointed CMB Head of Department

2019-03-06 Olov Andersson recipient of The Leif C. Groop award for outstanding diabetes research

2019-02-20 Study on regenerative angiogenesis in humans shows encouraging results

2019-01-02 New insights into how genes are activated


2018-10-02 More than SEK 100 million to KI researchers from KAW Foundation

2018-10-01 Full house when KI opened Biomediucm to the public

2018-09-25 KI opens Biomedicum to the general public

2018-06-28 Molecular brake on human cell division prevents cancer

2018-05-16 The Torsten Söderberg professorship awarded to Thomas Perlmann

2018-04-03 Study shows how muscles regulate their oxygen consumption

2018-03-01 Promising therapeutic approach for spinal cord injuries


2017-12-22 Salamander genome gives clues about unique regenerative ability

2017-12-07 Distinguished Professor Grants to five KI researchers

2017-12-04 Nobel Prize-winning method is being refined for tissue

2017-11-28 Two KI researchers to receive ERC Consolidator Grants 2017

2017-11-21 Children with Alagille Syndrome have malformed bile ducts

2017-11-14 Harder for T cells to fight cancer in absence of VEGF-A

2017-11-06 Johan Ericson one of four from KI to be awarded the highest grant within Medicine and Health 2017

2017-10-25 KI Discovers with Laura Baranello

2017-10-25 Joint BSDB/Nordic Conference on Developmental Biology and Regeneration

2017-10-18 KI researchers awarded Ragnar Söderberg fellowships 2017

2017-10-13 Unexpected finding in the cell’s power plant

2017-09-27 Four KAW project grants to KI

2017-09-25 Jonas Frisén awarded major prize

2017-07-11 New potential treatment for aggressive types of childhood cancer

2017-06-26 SEK 138 million in grants to systems biology research

2017-03-24 ERC Advanced Grant to three researchers at Karolinska Institutet


2016-12-01 Seven researchers at KI appointed Wallenberg Academy Fellows

2016-10-31 Short RNA molecules mapped in single cell

2016-10-28 Self-renewable killer cells could be key to making cancer immunotherapy work

2016-09-27 How our cells use mother’s and father’s genes

2016-09-27 First KI researchers to receive grants under the Ming Wai Lau Centre

2016-09-24 New insights on how brain tumours spread and become resistant to therapy

2016-09-23 Unique molecular atlas of pancreas produced

2016-07-01 New method provides better information on gene expression

2016-04-28 The Eric K. Fernström Prize to Rickard Sandberg

2016-04-08 Typhoid toxin increases host survival and promotes chronic asymptomatic infection

2016-04-07 Fresh insights into early human embryo development

2016-03-23 Four researchers at KI receive ERC Advanced Grants

2016-02-15 New subgroups of ILC immune cells discovered through single-cell RNA sequencing


2015-12-21 Potent combination of two methods reveals neuronal identity

2015-12-15 Increased citing of Bob Dylan in biomedical research

2015-11-05 No new heart muscle cells in mice after the newborn period

2015-06-12 Most heart muscle cells formed during childhood

2015-04-28 Key factor in the neural death that causes Parkinson’s identified

2015-04-02 Knowledge on EphB signalling may improve intestinal cancer treatment


2014-12-19 New Secretary for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 

2014-11-13 Molecular time signalling controls stem cells during brain development 

2014-11-07 New knowledge about the human brain’s plasticity 

2014-10-10 Astrocytes repair the brain after stroke 

2014-09-25 Here comes the story of the Dylan fans 

2014-08-15 Daniel Ramsköld receives prestigious Dimitris N. Chorafas Prize 

2014-05-16 Genetic tracking identifies cancer stem cells in human patients 

2014-02-27 Moving snapshots give new insight on cell division 

2014-02-21 New neurons in diseased brain region 

2014-02-18 Oxygen-sensitive protein possible weapon against cancer 


2013-12-29 Three KI researchers to become Wallenberg Academy Fellows


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