Dissertations/Licentiates at the Division of Radiology



2023 Aristeidis Grigoriadis Magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for diagnosis, evaluation, and prognosis in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis

2022 Raffaella Pozzi Mucelli Pancreatic cancer : prevention through improved diagnostics in individuals at risk

2022 Katharina Brehmer
Perfusion computed tomography of the liver

2022 Qiang Wang
Quantitative evaluation of liver function using gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI

2021 Johan Teiler
Leukocyte scintigraphy, SPECT/CT and PET/CT in prosthetic joint infection

2021 Antonios Tzortzakakis
Differentiation of renal oncocytoma from renal cell carcinoma by means of ⁹⁹Tc-Sestamibi SPECT/CT

2011 -2020

2020 Michael Wilczek
Hands-on osteoporosis screening with digital x-ray radiogrammetry

2020 Patrik Nowik
Optimizing computed tomography: quality assurance, radiation dose and contrast media

2019 Daniel Thor
Radiation dose-, contrast media- and image quality optimization in computed tomography

2019 Daniel Thor
Radiation dose-, contrast media- and image quality optimization in computed tomography

2019 Amar Karalli
Transarterial chemoembolization in primary liver and kidney malignancies

2019 Stefan Gabrielson
Utility of hybrid SPECT/CT in Sentinel Lymph Node mapping, and 18F FDG-PET/CT for treatment response evaluation in cancer patients.

2018 Yi-Hua Zhang
Radiomics in cancer prognosis : applications and limitations of quantitative texture analysis

2016 Parvin Tavakol Olofsson
Consequences of outsourcing referrals for radiological examinations

2016 Love Engström Nordin
Drug and disease effects on the human brain studied by functional MRI techniques

2016 Sara Shams
Cerebral microbleeds and cognitive impairment

2015 Elin Bacsovics Brolin
Coronary computed tomography angiography in patients with myocardial infarction and non-obstructed coronary arteries

2015 Yanlu Wang
A Tiny Glimpse Into the Human Brain using Model-Free Analysis for Resting-State fMRI Data

2015 Tobias Granberg
Neuroradiological aspects of Multiple Sclerosis : from early signs to late disease stages

2015 Anna Gärdin
Magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of chronic Achilles tendinosis

2015 Louiza Loizou
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma : computed tomography for diagnosis, local staging and prediction of postoperative complications

2014 Åsa Barrefelt
Theranostics in radiology: Development of targeted contrast media with treatment capability.

2013 Ariel Saracco
Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in breast tumors.

2013 Kerstin Hillergård
Radiographic quality workflow – In the digitized healthcare environment. (Lic)

2012 Parvin Tavakol Olofsson
Consequences of outsourcing referrals for magnetic resonance examinations. (Lic)

2012 Lars Lindsköld
Designing and using an information infrastructure in radiology. Prepare – Share – Compare IT.

2012 Anders Svensson
Optimization of intravenous contrast media at computed tomography. (Lic)

2012 Nikolaos Kartalis
Optimized MRI methods for simplified oncological imaging in pancreas and liver.

2012 Lena Cavallin
Reliability of visual assessment of medial temporal lobe atrophy.

2012 Tomas Jonsson
Characterization of the bold signal in functional MRI.

2011 Johanna Öberg
Multivariate data analysis applied to MRS and MRI studies of aging and spinal cord injury.

2011 Gunnar Herlin
Nuclear medicine imaging of lung cancer and esophagus cancer.

2011 Kent Fridell
A walk into the digital world – long and winding road.

2011 Jonaz Ripsweden
Computed tomography of the coronary arteries.

2001 - 2010

2010 Juha Martola
Brain volume reduction over four decades in multiple sclerosis.

2010 Yi Zhang
Brain MRI and CT morphology in healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

2010 Lotta Olivecrona
A new computed tomography method for evaluation of orthopedic implants. Applied to the acetabular cup.

2009 Wiveca Larsson
Digital imaging use. Influence of digitalization on radiographer's work practice and knowledge demands. (Lic)

2007 Kent Fridell
The wind of change. Individuals change when technology change. (Lic)

2005 Xingchen Wu
Multiple sclerosis. MRI diagnosis, potential treatment and future potential for nanoparticle applications.

2005 Brigitte Wilczek
Application of nuclear medicine methods in patients with breast cancer.

2004 Botond K Szabo
Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of the breast. Imaging features for diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer.

2004 Adel Shalabi
Magnetic resonance imaging in chronic Achilles tendinopathy.

2002 Bo Lindberg
Endoscopic methods for detecting malignancy in patients with ulcerative colitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

2002 Maria Kristoffersen Wiberg
Magnetic resonance imaging in breast diagnosis.

2002 Kerstin Cederlund
Radiological imaging of pulmonary emphysema. Preoperative evaluation of candidates for lung volume reduction surgery.

2002 Tage Nilsson
Pulmonary embolism. Validation of diagnostic imaging methods in the clinical setting.

2001 Lena Bronge
Magnetic resonance imaging in dementia; A study of brain white matter changes.

1991 - 2000

2000 Rimma Danielsson (nuv. Axelsson)
Nuclear medicine imaging of breast cancer and regional lymph nodes.

1997 Brita Ågren
Radiological evaluation of bone marrow transplanted multiple myeloma patients.

1997 Beata Boné
Contrast medium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of breast diseases.

1991 Bengt Isberg
Myocardial toxicity of antineoplastic drugs.

1979 - 1990

1987 Staffan Troell
Renal size and function in childhood urinary tract infections.

1980 Mats Dahlbom
Blodtillblandning och koagulation i intraarteriella katetrar.

1980 Staffan Granqvist
Precancerösa förändringar och tidig cancer i colon hos högriskgrupper. En röntgenologisk , endoskopisk och histologisk studie

1979 Rolf Lewander
Correlation between histopathology and dynamics of contrast enhancement.

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