The collaboration between KI and MSD mainly covers the focus areas of Oncology, Vaccine, Neuroscience and Cardio-metabolic. Please find a list of all completed and ongoing studies within the partnership so far below.

Completed projects

  • Vaccine
    Gardasil 3-dose Nordic Country Surveillance study
    KI: Joakim Dillner, Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Patricia Saddier, Susanne Hartwig
    Manuscript in preparation

    Effectiveness of 2 dose HPV vaccination [feasibility study]
    KI: Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Patricia Saddier, Susanne Hartwig

    Fostering healthy aging: the interdependency of infections, immunity and frailty
    KI: Davide Vetrano
    MSD CORE: Stina Salomonsson, Tobias Bergroth
    Manuscript submitted to journal

  • Cardiovascular
    Lipid goal attainment in Sweden using the national registry Swedeheart
    KI: Tomas Jernberg
    MSD CORE: Bob Boggs
    Published in European Heart Journal - Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes

    Treatment pattern and treatment goal attainment in patients with pulmonary hypertension (PAH) in Sweden using the national registry SPAHR
    KI: Barbro Kjellström
    MSD CORE: Rogier Klok, Dominik Lautsch
    Published in ESC Heart Failure

    Longitudinal changes in risk status in relation to treatment approaches, age and comorbidity burden in pulmonary arterial hypertension
    KI: Barbro Kjellström
    MSD CORE: Rogier Klok, Dominik Lautsch
    Published in Pulmonary Circulation


  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Quantifying and describing the natural history of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) A SveDem study.
    KI: Anders Wimo, Maria Eriksdotter, Bengt Winblad
    MSD CORE: Baishali Ambegaonkar
    Published in J Alzheimer’s Dis

  • Policy
    A novel ethical, legal and organizational framework on RWD and patient empowerment
    KI: Mats Brommels
    MSD CORE: Stina Salomonsson
    Published in J Med Internet Res

  • Diabetes
    Goal attainment in the T2D patient population/Clinical inertia
    KI: Juan Jesus Carrero
    MSD CORE: Swapnil Rajpathak, Rogier Klok

  • Methodology/ Oncology
    Replicate trial results in oncology with real-world data
    KI: Anders Pettersson, Johan Askling
    MSD CORE: Shahed Iqbal, Kai-Li Liaw

Ongoing projects

  • Vaccines
    Vaccine impact and effectiveness and understanding data systems
    KI: Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Smita Kothari


  • Gardasil 3-dose Nordic Country Surveillance–Sweden, VIP ExtExt study-Impact and effectiveness, database studies, follow-up HPV cohortin Sweden, Denmark and Norway
    KI: Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Ya-Ting Chen, Joseph Tota


  • Gardasil 2-dose impact/effectiveness PAS for EU [commitment study]
    KI: Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Susanne Hartwig


  • Population Based Nested Case-Control Study Evaluating Effectiveness of Gardasil Vaccination Against RRP in Sweden
    KI: Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Joseph Tota
  • Oncology

  • Humanistic burden of cervical cancer (and/or endometrial cancer)
    KI: Fang Fang, Karin Sundström
    MSD CORE: Stina Salomonsson
  • NASH

  • Impact of surrogate liver histological endpoints in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
    KI: Hannes Hagström, Jonas Ludvigsson
    MSD CORE: Gail Fernandes, Tongtong Wang