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The Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) Flow Cytometry Facility at Karolinska Institutet

About us

Flow cytometry is a central technology in biomedical research allowing multiparametric analysis and isolation (by cell sorting) of rare cell populations down to a single cell from complex cell mixtures.

The Department of Medicine Huddinge (MedH) flow cytometry facility is a service facility located at the 4th floor of the Novum research building within the Center for Hematology and Regenerative Medicine (HERM) at the Karolinska Huddinge Campus (see visiting address).

The MedH FACS facility provides open access to all interested researchers at KI and Karolinska regardless of their affiliation and strives to provide each user with skilled services, education and training to achieve high quality research.

The Facility was established in August 2011 with an initial support from the Wallenberg Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WIRM) (http://wirmki.se), a research institute financed by Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse. To cover most of its running costs, the facility charges fees for its services (see user Fees for detailed information).

The facility currently houses two analysis instruments and two high-speed cell sorters, including a contained instrument capable of Enhanced Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2+) cell sorting (see technology for detailed information).

The facility offers a broad range of high quality services including assistance with experimental design, training for independent users, and operator-assisted services for cell analysis and cell sorting. Independent access to instrumentation is available to users following completed specific trainings in instrument operation and biosafety.

The facility is also involved in flow cytometry education and organizes user meetings, workshops as well as a doctoral course in flow cytometry all with the aim to promote exchange of technical know-how and knowledge in the field of flow cytometry.


The MedH flow cytometry facility currently houses two cell analyzers and two cell sorters  offering possibilities for advanced multicolor cell analysis combined with high-speed cell sorting based on up to 16 fluorescent parameters and at up to enhanced Biosafety Level 2 standards.


16 parameters, 4 Lasers: 405 nm, 640 nm, 488 nm and 561 nm

Cell Analysis and sorting:  Biosafety Level 2

Download “Config FACSAria™ III”

SORP BD FACSAria™ Fusion

16 parameters, 4 Lasers: 405 nm, 640 nm, 488 nm and 561 nm

Cell Analysis and sorting:  Enhanced Biosafety Level 2

Download “Config FACSAria Fusion”

SORP BD LSRFortessa™ 

16 parameters, 4 Lasers: 405 nm, 640 nm, 488 nm and 561 nm and an integrated 96 well plate module for High-Throughput analysis

Cell Analysis Biosafety Level 1

Download “Config LSRFortessa”

BD FACSCalibur™ 

4 parameters, 2 lasers: 488nm and 635nm

Cell Analysis: Biosafety Level 1

Download “Config FACSCalibur”


Please fill in the request form and send it by email to: Iyadh.douagi@ki.se

Download the Service request form

Note: For Cell sorting please also fill in a sort Application form

Download the Sort Application form


Iyadh Douagi

Director Flow Cytometry Facility


Phone: +46 8-585 83602


Leadership group for the MedH Flow cytometry facility:

Professor Petter Höglund


Dr Petter Woll


Dr. Iyadh Douagi


Visiting Address

The MedH Flow cytometry facility is situated at the 4th flour, elevator G of the NOVUM research park in Huddinge, adjacent to Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge.
(See map below)

Visiting address:

Blickagången 6 (by train)

Hälsovägen 7 (by car)

Postal address:

MedH Flow cytometry facility

Hälsovägen 7, Novum plan, 4 hiss G

SE-14157 Huddinge


Phone: +46 8-585 83602

User Fees


FACS Open Discussion Forum

The MedH Flow Cytometry Facility at KI Huddinge has taken the initiative to start a new "FACS Open Discussion Forum" and thereby invites all users of the facility to join. The forum is an occasion for all users to present the  experimental setup or data involving flow cytometry and to discuss and get feedback on this from the facility manager and expert users of the facility who will be present. 

The facility also wants to encourage all new users of the facility to present their planned experiment and early results at this meeting. This practice will make new users acquainted with the facility’s staff and, more importantly, will facilitate high standards and correct usage of the facility from the start.

See below for information regarding dates, time and venue. 

Dates/Time:  Mondays 13:15-14:15 

Venue: Seminar room Geriatric Lab, Level 4, elevator G, Novum, KI Huddinge campus

Participation: Participation is free of charge and no registration is required. 

Users willing to discuss their projects are welcome to bring a couple of slides on a USB stick.


E-Learning and Web-Based Training:

Introduction to flow cytometry, fluorescence, and data analysis:


A more detailed introduction to flow cytometry:


Training for using DiVa software:


FlowJo Tutorials:



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