Stocks and bonds

Donate stocks and bonds

If you are considering donatingstocks or  bonds at the Karolinska Institute, it is good to know that a transfer of such assets value to the Karolinska Institute or its related foundations, since KI is limited taxpayer regarding donations to research and education. This means that no capital gains tax is payable on a sale. For information on how to proceed if you want to donate shares or securities, please contact Tove Älvemark at the Karolinska Institute Foundation management.

Gift through dividends

If you as a private individual owns shares can bestow the right to future dividends tax-free to the Karolinska Institute. This applies to dividends on both listed shares and shares in unlisted companies, such as closely held companies.

Foundation manager

Tove Älvemark Asp

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 07