About the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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The academic centre for Obstetrics and Gynecology is responsible for education and research within this field. The unit gives classes for medical students and provides also research and post graduate education for PhD students as well as for physicians and midwifes.

Presently (2010) 50 different professionals are employed. The unit has several experimental laboratories; IVF, stem cell biology and advanced ultrasound technique.

Research and research education are focused on women health, pregnancy and pregnancy complications, fetal physiology, reproductive stem cell biology, infertility, fertility preservation, vascular physiology, fetal regenerative medicine, cervical cancer and several other topics


Magnus WestgrenHead of division, Professor
Magnus Westgren
Phone: +46 8 585 81627
E-post: magnus.westgren@ki.se
Anonym kvinnaAdministrator
Galina Drozdova
Phone: +46 8 585 81657
E-post: galina.drozdova@ki.se
Anonym kvinnaAdministrator
Dalia Gustafssson
Phone: +46 8 585 86517
Henry NisellAssociate Professor, Course coordinator
Henry Nisell
Phone: +46 8 585 87523
E-post: henry.nisell@karolinska.se
Pelle LindqvistClinical Lecturer
Pelle Lindqvist
Phone: +46 70 899 25 45
E-post: pelle.lindqvist@ki.se
Outi Hovatta Outi Hovatta
Phone: +46 8 585 83858
E-post: outi.hovatta@ki.se
Link to Outi Hovatta's laboratory
Karolina KublickieneAssociate Professor, Senior Research Fellow
Karolina Kublickiene
Phone: +46 8 585 83859
E-post: karolina.kublickiene@ki.se
Britt Marie LandgrenProfessor Emerita
Britt Marie Landgren
Phone: +46 8 585 816 23
E-post: Britth‑Marie.Landgren@karolinska.se
Aino Fianu JonassonAssociate Professor, Senior Research Fellow
Aino Fianu Jonasson
Phone: +46 8 585 87522
E-post: aino.fianu‑jonasson@karolinska.se


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