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Track - Internationalisation of Curriculum at KIEdCon

Are you wondering why we should internationalise the curricula? Is your study programme well on the way to being internationalised and you want to bring it to the next level? Are you involved in internationalisation, but struggling to find the added value for teaching and learning?

This track will allow you to discuss these questions with renowned international experts! Come and find out how to implement international learning objectives in the content, teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks of your educational programmes.

We invite teachers, clinicians, educational leaders, education developers and administrative staff involved in the delivery of international education.

Day one will give you a broad overview of how internationalisation contributes to enhancing quality of education. A session with global experts will be altered with presentations from representatives from different study programmes at KI discussing their experiences of internationalising the curriculum.

Day two will be dedicated to the topic of internationalisation, where we together with invited experts will dig deeper into different aspects such as, Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC), Internationalisation at Home, International disciplinary learning, Intercultural education, Global Health perspectives, Language and culture policy and or English-Medium Instruction (EMI)

More details on this page with the programme