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Innovation Support

One goal for SRP Diabetes is to translate knowledge and findings into clinical practise in order to improve the situation for patients. To capture innovations and develop those into products or medications is one way of doing that. In order to support this process SRP Diabetes is collaborating with Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB (KIAB). SRP Diabetes has from KIAB hired Patrik Blomquist who works as a dedicated Innovation Officer for SRP Diabetes and it’s research community.

KI Innovations also has financial support from VINNOVA (“Verifering för Tillväxt” in Swedish) that can be used for supporting commercial verification of research findings from KI. There are also other sources or soft money available for verify and develop the commercial potential of academic research. Since KI Innovations is collaborating with several strategic research programs (SFOs) processes developed in other areas will also be applied to SRP Diabetes.

SRP Diabetes also takes the advantage of Innovation Office at KI when it comes to interaction with industrial partners. All innovation support in SRP Diabetes is free of charge for the individual researcher.