Innovation Expertise

SRP Diabetes Innovation Officer

SRP Diabetes offers different expertise on innovation to support its researchers in order to develop research findings into commercial products for the benefit of patients with diabetes.

Patrik Blomquist (employed at KIAB, is the Innovation Manager for SRP Diabetes. Patrik has a PhD in Molecular Biology from KI 1997 (supervisor Örjan Wrange), post-doc at Pharmacia, Project Manager at Target Discovery / Target Validation at Biovitrum for five years, Project Manager at KI (current Innovation Office) and has been a Project Manager at KI Innovations since May 2008. He lives on Lidingö with his family and in his free time he loves to perform long-distance running, hiking, skiing, skating, and triathlon.


Patrik’s task is together with SRP Diabetes researchers to:

  • Identify commercial potential of research within the programme.
  •  Educate and inform about commercialization and patents.
  • Aid in the contact with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • Represent SRP Diabetes in the new national innovation support structure SIO Chronic Diseases (see separate webpage).
  • Advice about application for money that can be used for commercialization.

KI Innovations has soft money from Vinnova that can be used for supporting commercial verification of research findings from KI. There are also other sources “soft money” available for verify and develop the commercial potential of academic research. Since KI Innovations is collaborating with several strategic research programs (SFOs) Patrik can take advantage of what is done in them. Patrik also have access to the knowledge and competences within KI Innovations and the whole innovation system at KI.

SRP Diabetes Innovation Advisory Board (IAB)

SRP Diabetes has appointed an Innovation Advisory Board in order to support the innovation manager and the translation of knowledge and findings into commercialisation and clinical practise. The IAB consists of persons who have both extensive experience from academic research as well as from industry, with representation from both own start-ups and big pharma.

Claes E. Wilhelmsson, former AstraZeneca Executive Director for Global R&D, has also been on the board on several biotech companies, most recently Crucell NV and Gyros AB.

Thue W. Schwartz, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at University of Copenhagen, coming from a background in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry  such as VP of research in Corporate Research at Novo Nordisk;  founder and CSO of the biotech company 7TM Pharma A/S.

John Wahren, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Physiology at Karolinska Institutet, co-founder and CSO of the biopharmaceutical company Cebix.

Jan Eriksson, Medical Science Director at AstraZeneca R&D, professor in internal medicine and endocrinology at Uppsala University.