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Education on Innovation

KI Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE)

There are several educational activities for scientist to increase their knowledge in commercialisation. At KI the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE) gives several courses, e.g. “Science to Business” for scientists as well as students. UBE is also the KI node of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship that has short courses and workshops in various subjects, e.g. Intellectual Property, business plan creation, negotiation etc, aiming at both graduates and undergraduates.

Research School in Drug Discovery and Development

At the graduate level KI is organising a national research school in Drug Discovery and Development in collaboration with Lund university and Uppsala university. The graduate School includes a two months long paid internship at a relevant company. There are also courses at the European level, e.g. Health2Market, for which there is some financial support covering travel and lodging.

SRP Diabetes Innovation Education

Internally for the SRP Diabetes scientists there have been several seminars and a workshop. The idea is to educate the scientists and to increase the awareness of important issues that relates to commercialisation of research, e.g. compound screening, patents and collaborations with industry.