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Young Scholar Grants 2014

Congratulations to four new awardees for the Strategic Young Scholar Grant in Epidemiology 2014

SfoEpi has granted Lisen Arnheim Dahlström, Fang Fang, Bruna Gigante and Nele Brusselaers with the Young Scholar Grant in Epidemiology 2014.

About the Grant

The grant will be awarded to candidates based on the competence of the applicant, the scientific value and novelty of their research plan, and the relevance of their research to one or more of the research themes;1) Human Interactions with Microorganisms; Molecular, 2)Genetic and Clinical Epidemiology; 3)Lifespan approach to Health and Disease of the strategic program. Particularly meritorious is the ability of the applicant to demonstrate how the planned activities will involve collaboration with more than one department at KI.

Lisen Arnheim Dahlström

Research description

My research is within infectious disease epidemiology and has a main focus on prerequisites for optimal vaccination strategies. As vaccination is one of our most important tools in the combat of infectious disease it is important to maintain public trust. One way of doing this is to evaluate vaccine effectiveness and safety on a population-based level. We have in the past decades reduced the infectious disease burden with vaccination and we are now facing a situation where younger generations who never confronted the actual disease tend to shift their focus toward adverse events instead leading to anti-vaccine movements and misunderstandings about real and perceived risks. Further, with antibiotic resistance we need to develop new vaccines that need to be evaluated on a population-based level.

In addition to this I am also involved in several projects optimizing cervical cancer prevention through both vaccination and screening. In our group we use sophisticated population-based register matching and modelling methods in combination with lab and questionnaire data to evaluate:

1) Short and long term vaccine safety and effectiveness to ensure the reliability of the vaccines;

2) Infectious disease burden to investigate both effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of vaccine programmes;

3) Cervical screening setting and recommendations in a changing reality, as the HPV vaccine and new screening techniques will change the program we have today.

Research profile

Fang Fang

Research Description

Psychological stress and its related health outcomes

We are interested in both the short- and long-term health consequences of severely stressful life events, e.g., loss of a significant other, cancer diagnosis, and natural disaster. For instance, we study whether there are unrecognized health consequences immediately following a cancer diagnosis, and whether experience of severe psychological stress after cancer diagnosis influences cancer prognosis. These studies are primarily based on the health registers as well as ongoing large scale cohort studies in Sweden, United States, and Iceland.

Psychological Stress and its Related Health Outcomes

Neurological diseases

We are interested in studying the risk factors as well as prognostic indicators for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Our research questions include for example whether lipid metabolism modulates the risk of ALS and its progression after diagnosis.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Research Profile

Bruna Gigante

Bruna Gigante

Research description

Nele Brusselaers

Research Description

Nele Brusselaers received her MD at Ghent University (Belgium) in 2008, and defended her PhD in Medical Sciences in 2010, entitled Severe burn injury: Some determinants of epidemiological and surgical outcomes (Ghent University).

She completed an inter-university Master program on hospital hygiene and infection control (Flemish Universities: UGent/UA/VUB/KUL - 2010). Her main interest is clinical epidemiology (etiology, outcome prediction, meta-analysis and so on).

Research area

Her current research explores the etiology of oesophageal cancer, and outcome after oesophageal cancer surgery. This research is conducted using both clinical and population-based registries.

At Ghent University, her research was focused on severe burn injury and nosocomial infections.

Research group: Upper GI Surgery

Research Profile