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The ChAMP - CfA highlights Asthma Markers of Phenotype - project is a collaborative project with the aim to find new biomarker patterns for phenotyping of asthma and allergies. There is a great need to define markers that reliably monitor clinically relevant mechanims in these diseases. With better such markers it will be possible to realise better personalised medical treatment.

About ChAMP

Asthma and allergy are among the most common diseases that also affect many children, but there are no tests that give a clear-cut diagnosis of the diseases. This is why this project wants to develop health care friendly biomarkers for asthma and allergy.

The ChAMP project makes use of existing cohorts and sample collections. The project will also collect human tissues and will develop appropriate experimental models. New clinical studies will be planned, and biostatistics will be a central asset. 

Through the use of new techniques, exhaled samples will be collected and analysed through breathomics.

The project is a collaboration between the Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University, Gothenburg University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and AstraZeneca. It has international partners in Southampton, Łódź and Amsterdam.

The ChAMP project is funded by the AstraZeneca/Karolinska Institutet Joint Research Programme, the AstraZeneca/SciLifeLab – Joint Research Collaboration, and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

The project runs between 2013 and 2019. The principle investigator is Sven-Erik Dahlén, Director of the Centre for Allergy Research and Professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine.

The ChAMP Steering Committee

The ChAMP Steering Committee consists of the Principle Investigator, the Project Manager, representatives of each of the partners, and the leads of each of the Working Groups:

  • Sven-Erik Dahlén (Karolinska Institutet), PI for the project
  • Roelinde Middelveld (Karolinska Institutet), Project Manager
  • Kjell Alving, Uppsala Universitet, Saliva and Breathomics
  • Marleen van Geest, AstraZeneca, Biomarkers group
  • Gunilla Hedlin, Karolinska Institutet, Clinical Group
  • Christer Janson, Uppsala Universitet, Epidemiological cohorts
  • Gunnar Nilsson, Karolinska Institutet, Experimental Models and Human Tissues
  • Peter Nilsson (SciLifeLab, KTH)
  • Anna-Carin Olin, University of Gothenburg, Breathomics
  • Henric Olsson (AstraZeneca Mölndal)
  • Craig Wheelock, Karolinska Institutet, Biomarkers group

The ChAMP Steering Committee has monthly telephone conferences and meets face-to-face 3-4 times a year. 

The ChAMP newsletter

We send out a ChAMP newsletter every now and then. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please contact

Read the newsletters here:

ChAMP newsletter June 2015

ChAMP newsletter February 2015


For more information about the project please contact:


Sven-Erik Dahlen

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 872 03
Organizational unit: Experimental asthma and allergy research

Project manager

Roelinde Middelveld

Phone: +46-(0)70-249 78 22
Organizational unit: Experimental asthma and allergy research

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