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Allergy - the largest of common diseases

Asthma and allergies affect a third of the population in Sweden. These diseases often make their debut at an early age and remain a life-long handicap for those afflicted. Furthermore, these chronic diseases give rise to large costs, both for the individual and for society. Unfortunately, there is still a large gap in knowledge and resources to help those with allergy effectively, and many live a life with an impaired quality of life, which also affects their families.

Our vision is that all children and adults are able to live a healthy life without symptoms of asthma or allergy.

Despite great improvements in treatment over the last few decades, there is still a large need for more research if we are to reach our goal. Research costs money, so please help us in making a difference to children and adults who suffer from asthma and allergies.

There are many ways in which you can contribute and we are grateful for both small and large gifts. Below you will find information about the possibilities to contribute to allergy research, but if you have specific questions or if you would like to discuss a project, please contact Esther:

Esther Edlundh-Rose
Development Officer