StratNeuro Grants

StratNeuro has two programs you can apply to for funding of your research: the Young Investigator Research program as well as the Start-up program.

Young Investigator Program

Within the young investigators programme, successful candidates is provided with four-year internationally competitive funding packages to pursue independent research such that they can rapidly build up internationally competitive research groups.

The programme is built on the “hire the best” principle, and the selection among candidates will be made by an international evaluation committee. We particularly encourage female applicants with a translational approach, to strengthen the link between basic and clinical science.

After the end of the four-year period, the young investigators are evaluated according to the new career system at Karolinska Institutet for promotion to the next step in their career.

StratNeuro Start-up program

The application for the StratNeuro Start-up programe is open to recipients of a VR starting grant or Karolinska Institutet assistant professor grant within the field of Neurosciences.

The start-up grant of 500.000 SEK/year for 2 years is aimed to help you develop your independent group and perform excellent research.

To be able to receive the grant, an active participating in activities organized by StratNeuro including retreats, seminars, workshops, research courses, and provide updated information to our web page is a requirement.

How to apply

Please send the following documents to

  • A letter to StratNeuro referring to this specific program,
  • A copy of the research plan,
  • The budget specifying how StratNeuro money will be used,
  •  A copy of the signed contract with KI or VR,
  • A document from the hosting Department/University providing proof of employment.
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