StratNeuro Grants

StratNeuro has three programmes you can apply to for funding of your research: the Young Investigator Research programme, the Start-up programme as well as the grant for Collaborative Neuroscience Pilot Research Projects.

Young Investigator Programme

Within the young investigators programme, successful candidates is provided with four-year internationally competitive funding packages to pursue independent research such that they can rapidly build up internationally competitive research groups.

The programme is built on the “hire the best” principle, and the selection among candidates will be made by an international evaluation committee. We particularly encourage female applicants with a translational approach, to strengthen the link between basic and clinical science.

After the end of the four-year period, the young investigators are evaluated according to the new career system at Karolinska Institutet for promotion to the next step in their career.

StratNeuro Start-up programme

The application for the StratNeuro Start-up programme is open to recipients of a VR starting grant or Karolinska Institutet assistant professor grant within the field of Neurosciences.

The start-up grant of 500.000 SEK/year for 2 years is aimed to help you develop your independent group and perform excellent research.

To be able to receive the grant, an active participating in activities organized by StratNeuro including retreats, seminars, workshops, research courses, and provide updated information to our web page is a requirement.

How to apply

Please send the following documents to

  • A letter to StratNeuro referring to this specific programme,
  • A copy of the research plan,
  • The budget specifying how StratNeuro money will be used,
  •  A copy of the signed contract with KI or VR,
  • A document from the hosting Department/University providing proof of employment.

Collaborative Neuroscience Pilot Research Projects

StratNeuro's grant for Collaborative Neuroscience Pilot Research Projects is designed to build multidisciplinary new collaborations for high risk/high impact research in the area of nervous system and disease.

Two or more research groups that have not collaborated before and have no common publications (excluding large consortium papers) are invited to form a novel constellation based on a common research proposal. At least one of the partners should be employed at Karolinska Institutet. International collaborations are allowed, but the funding cannot be transferred abroad. 

For this call, projects that would have impact on understanding the mechanisms of nervous system diseases, diagnosis, or preventive and therapeutic interventions will be prioritized.

Maximum award amount

2 MSEK/project over a 2-year period.  A maximum of five applications will be granted.

Selection criteria

  • Originality
  • Scientific rationale
  • Potential for scientific or clinical impact
  • Clear explanation of the way in which the proposed research differs from other funded projects of the Principal Investigators
  • Explanation of how the proposal is responsive to the call

How to apply

Please include the following in your proposal:

File 1

  • Title page including names of investigators and contact information
  • Biographical sketches for participating faculty, including current and pending sources of support (max 3 pages)

 File 2

  • De-identified title page (no identifying information)
  • Abstract of 150 words or fewer describing the project
  • Project description in 5 pages or fewer (11 point Arial font, inclusive of figures but not references)

Send your application as pdf to

StratNeuro awards a total of 10 MSEK to the following Collaborative Neuroscience Pilot Research Projects:

  • Waking up for Motivation: A Direct Hypothalamo-Cortical Pathway Mediated by Persistent Subplate Neurons
    (Broberger and Medini)
  • In situ sequencing to characterize oligodendrocyte lineage heterogeneity in development and disease
    (Castelo Branco and M. Nilsson)
  • Neural circuits underlying sound level processing
    (Lallemand, Meletis and Cederroth)
  • Neural control of the foreign body response
    (Stevens, Olofsson and Tracey)
  • Engineering location-specific aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins: effects on aggregation, clearance and neurotoxicity
    (Dantuma, Johansson and P. Nilsson)

Forty-one applications were submitted for StratNeuro Collaborative Neuroscience Pilot Research Projects.

Deadline: We have to receive your proposal by April 30, 2018.

Selection process

First, reviewers within KI, that are not part of the StratNeuro Board, will evaluate and score thre proposals. The 10-20 applications with the highest scores will be sent for evaluation by external experts.

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