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StratCan Management

The StratCan programme operates under the auspices of the Karolinska Institutet Board of Research.

The daily management and leadership is the responsibility of the director, Prof. Rune Toftgård, together with two deputy directors, Prof. Arne Östman and Prof. Roger Henriksson. The latter is also the head of Regional Cancer Center Stockholm Gotland (RCC), which ensures a close interaction between StratCan and the future development of cancer treatment and care.

StratCan has a dedicated programme manager, PhD Sandra Falck, running daily operational tasks of the programme. Prof. Klas Wiman is in charge of StratCan innovation and commercialization strategies, and an Innovation Manager will be working for StratCan as of early 2014 through collaboration with KI Innovations AB.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets every second month and makes decisions on resource allocation and strategic issues. Members of the Executive Board include in addition to the directors, the coordinators of the three cancer related Thematic Translational Centers, the directors of the two Linné centers, the coordinator of the National research school in clinical cancer research and the coordinator of the molecular pathology and cancer tissue biobanking program.

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is composed of the 10 original PIs of the StratCan application (2010-2014), and the coordinators and vice coordinators of the three Thematic Translational Centers. Note that the directors of the two Linné centers are present among the 10 original PIs. In addition the coordinators of the research school (NatiOn), the molecular pathology program, the biobanking molecular resource infrastructure (BBMRI), the chairman of the KICancer network and the chairs of three main cancer research departments are affiliated members.