Staffan Josephsson was granted this year's Sabbatical funds

Every year we grant funds to researchers. Read the interview with Staffan Josephsson, professor, section of occupational therapy, NVS, who was granted this year's sabbathical funds

We asked  Staffan the following questions:

- Why did you apply for funding and what have you applied for project funding for?

- Do you want to tell us more about why it is good that we can help you with money?


"Being a healthcare researcher is in many ways a privilege. The work is carried out by collaboration with students, staff, patients and other actors. And as time goes on, it becomes clear that the work leads to new knowledge that can be useful.


But there is one thing that is in short supply for us healthcare researchers and it is time to summarize and formulate the knowledge we have been involved in developing. Most of the time instead goes to the urgent everyday tasks of a healthcare researcher such as teaching, supervising, applying for money and administering.


Therefore, it was a matter of course for me to apply when SFO-V announced funding for a temporary sabbathical at another university.


And I intend to use the funds for just that which I have lacked. To formulate for a period the knowledge I have been with and developed during my more than 30 years as a health researcher. The focus will be on how the elderly and staff use narrative structures and materials to create meaning and influence in everyday life and care interventions. Precisely narrativity as a resource in care has been my focus during all my years as a care researcher and I feel truly privileged to now have time for this.


I will collaborate with Umeå University where there is an active care science environment. Sabbathical means being at another university for a period of time and it is a benefit that I know will give many new impulses. Meeting other environments and ways of developing knowledge is a prerequisite for relevant research, not just in caring science. "

Marina Olsson