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Special themes at the Centre for Gender Medicine

Each topic will be presented relevant upcoming published articles, etc. related to that specific area.

- Women in focus

- Men in focus

- Cardiovascular diseases

- Pharmaceuticals

The women in focus

Here are presented the current in Women's Health.

Men in focus

Here are presented the current in Men's Health

Cardiovascular diseases

Here are presented articles regarding cardiovasculara diseases.


Here are presented article regarding drug and pharmaceuticals.

"Gender in Janus"

Janusinfo is a non-commercial website providing drug information to support healthcare professionals in their everyday work.

The website is the electronic means of communication of the Drug Therapeutic Committee and the Public Healthcare

Services Committee Administration of Stockholm County Council, Sweden.

Contents and functions of the website should contribute to evidence-based and cost-effective drug treatment. Our aim is to become the main website of drug information for healthcare professionals in the Stockholm area.

The information on the website has been developed in collaboration with clinical pharmacologists and other experts in specific therapeutic areas.

Contents in brief

" News

" Therapeutic guidelines

" Kloka Listan (Wise Drug Formulary; recommended drugs)

" Evaluation of new drugs

" Drugs and birth defects

" Drugs and breastfeeding

" Interactions

" Summaries from seminars

" Drug statistics.

The editorial board systematically follows developments in the field of drug treatment and publishes brief medical as well as general news articles related to drugs. An important criteria for news selection is that it should be considered to be or to become relevant in patient care.

The website also offers summaries of regional and national symposia and educational activities.

An important part of Janusinfo consists of evidence-based guidelines produced by Drug Expert Panels. The panels also produce the Kloka Listan (Wise Drug Formulary), which contains those drugs that have been recommended and Informatics.

Drug statistics offer sales returns and sales statistics of drugs in Stockholm County with analysis and comments.

For more information

Public Healthcare Services Committee Administration

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 63A

SE-118 27 Stockholm


Phone: +46 8 737 40 40

Fax: +46 8 737 40 12



1. Gustafsson LL, Wettermark B, Godman B, Andersén-Karlsson E, Bergman U, Hasselström J et al. The 'Wise List' A Comprehensive Concept to Select, Communicate and Achieve Adherence to Recommendations of Essential Drugs in Ambulatory Care in Stockholm. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology 2011 Apr;108(4):224-33. PubMed

2. Editorial (ledare). The 'wise list'- a comprehensive model for drug and therapeutics committees to achieve adherence to recommendations for essential drugs among prescribers? Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology. 2011 Apr;108(4):221-3. PubMed

Genus på Janus

"Differences in drug utilisation between men and women: a cross-sectional analysis of all dispensed drugs in Sweden" av Desirée Loikas, Björn Wttermark, Mina von Euler, Ulf Bergman, Karin Schenck-Gustafsson.

Publicerad i British Medical Journal 2013.

Differences in drug utilisation (Pdf file, 371 Kb)

Sex differences in spontaneous reports on adverse bleeding events of antithrombotic treatment" av Diana R Rydberg et al.

Publicerad i EUR J Clin Pharmacol (2014) 70:117-26

The purpose: to explore if sex differences are found in spontaneously reported adverse events for clopidogrel, low-dose aspirin and warfarin treatment in routine care.


Olfactory exposure to males, including men, causes stress and related analgesia in rodents

We found that exposure of mice and rats to male but not female experimenters produces pain inhibition. Male-related stimuli induced a robust physiological stress response that results in stress-induced analgesia. This effect could be replicated with T-shirts worn by men, bedding material from gonadally intact and unfamiliar male mammals, and presentation of compounds secreted from the human axilla. Experimenter sex can thus affect apparent baseline responses in behavioral testing.

Olfactory exposure to males, including men, causes stress and related analgesia in rodents