At iPS core facility, we use optimized protocols for culturing iPS cells, NES cells as well as differentiation towards Neurons.

Protocols from iPS Core Facility


Publication of established cell lines at iPS Core Facility:

CTRL7 iPS cells

CTRL9 and CTRL10 iPS cells

CTRL1 and CTRL3 NES cells

CTRL07 and CTRL10 NES cells

CTRL09 NES cells

iPS cell Generation at iPS Core Facility

Links to useful publications

 Sai2 cells

AF22 NES cells

Dual-SMAD inhibition Protocol 

First Human iPS cell line






iPS core instruments.

CytoFLEX (Beckman Coulter) for FACS analysis 

iPS core instruments.

BioCAM DupleX (3Brain) for electrophysiological analysis


GloMax Luminescence Reader (Promega) for Mycoplasma tests

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