Researchers in Neuroscience

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Researcher Research area
Igor Adameyko Developmental biology and regenerative medicine
Daniel Andersson Muscle research – contractile function in myopathy and cardiomyopathy
Michael Andäng Neuronal differentiation, circadian rhythms
Maria Ankarcrona

Experimental Neurogeriatrics

Ernest Arenas Development and generation of dopamine neurons
John Axelsson Sleep, cognition and health
Homira Behbahani Alzheimer's disease mechanisms
Susanne Bejerot ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
Sara Bengtsson Social cognitive neuroscience
Anne H. Berman Treatment of alcohol and drug problems
Ingemar Björkhem Oxysterols in health and disease
Klas Blomgren Injury and repair in the developing brain
Jörgen Borg Traumatic and vascular brain injury
Kristian Borg Rehabilitation medicine
Tom Brismar Clinical neurophysiology
Christian Broberger Brain networks controlling homeostatic processes
Ernst Brodin Chronic pain
Lennart Brodin Presynaptic mechanisms
Lou Brundin Applied neuroscience and stem cells
Lars Bäckman Cognitive ageing
Sven Bölte Autism spectrum disorders
Barbara Canlon Hearing loss
Andrea Carmine Belin Parkinson's disease: genetic factors
Marie Carlén Brain networks and psychiatric disorders
Gonçalo Castelo-Branco Epigenetic states during oligodendrocyte development
Sandra Ceccatelli Developmental neurotoxicology
Angel Cedazo-Minguez Neurodegenerative disease mechanisms
Karima Chergui Molecular neurophysiology
Roman Chrast Biology and disease of myelinating glial cells
Aila Collins Psychology, women's health
Staffan Cullheim Synaptic plasticity and immune molecules
Tatiana Deliagina Neuronal networks controlling body posture
Rochellys Diaz Heijtz developmental cognitive neuroscience
Ulf Diczfalusy Oxysterols in health and disease
Henrik Druid Forensic medicine


Henrik Ehrsson Brain, body & self
Tomas Ekström Epigenetics
Abdel El Manira Neuromodulation in spinal locomotor networks
Ann-Christin Eliasson Paediatric neurology, neurodevelopment
Pia Enebrink Child and adolescent psychiatry
Göran Engberg Electrophysiological neuropharmacology
Sophie Erhardt Neuropsychopharmacology
Johan Ericson Neuronal fate determination in the developing CNS
Maria Eriksdotter Alzheimer's disease: diagnostics and therapy
Lars I Eriksson Anesthesiology and intensive care
Malin Ernberg Perception and modulation of pain
Patrik Ernfors Molecular neurobiology
Anna Falk Induced pluripotent stem cells
Lars Farde Positron emission tomography in the human brain
André Fisahn Neuronal oscillations
Gilberto Fisone Molecular neuropharmacology
Lena Flyckt Clinical characteristics
Anna Fogdell Hahn Pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
Yvonne Forsell Mental ill-health in work and relations
Hans Forssberg Neurodevelopmental disorders
Johan Franck Treatment of addictive disorders
Peter Fransson Large-scale connectivity in the human brain
Laura Fratiglioni Epidemiology of neurodegenerative diseases
Bertil Fredholm Molecular neuropharmacology
Sten Fredrikson Multiple sclerosis
Kaj Fried Molecular determinants of tooth innervation
Jonas Frisén Stem cells in tissue homeostasis and regenerative medicine
Susanne Frykman Synaptic degeneration in Alzheimer Disease
Kjell Fuxe Molecular neuropharmacology
Dagmar Galter Neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease
Caroline Graff Genetics of neurodegenerative diseases
Sten Grillner The cellular bases of motor behaviour
Balázs Gulyàs Nuclear medicine
Clara Gumpert Mental disorder and antisocial development
Petter Gustavsson Differential psychology and health


Christer Halldin Positron emission tomography in the human brain
Linda Halldner Henriksson Predictors for neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD
Tibor Harkany Neurodevelopment, endocannabinoid signaling
Robert Harris Myeloid therapy in neuroinflammation
Eva Hedlund Motor neuron diseases
Anders Helander Alcohol biomarkers
Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski Mathematical modeling of motor systems
Eric Herlenius Autonomic control in infants
Agneta Herlitz Geriatric psychology
Ola Hermanson Neuronal development and differentiation
Jan Hillert Genetics of multiple sclerosis
Jens Hjerling-Leffler Genetics of adolescent brain development
Johan Holmberg Neuronal differentiation and tumour formation
Emily Holmes Psychology
Anna-Lena Hulting Hormones of the pituitary
Christina M. Hultman Etiology of psychiatric disorders
Tomas Hökfelt Chemical neurotransmission
Carlos Ibáñez Functions and signaling mechanisms of growth factors
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg Pharmacogenetics
Martin Ingvar Cognitive neurophysiology
Maja Jagodic Epigenetics of neuroinflammation
Lars Jakobsson Regulation of vascular integrity in the CNS
Clas B. Johansson Cell fusion in the CNS
Janne Johansson Biological dementia research
Anna Josephson Motor dysfunctions and memory impairment
Erik Jönsson Psychiatric genetics
Håkan Karlsson Molecular genetic studies of schizophrenia
Helena Karlström Alzheimer's disease: focus on gamma-secretase
Juha Kere Genetics and molecular biology of dyslexia and cognitive development
Ole Kiehn Mammalian locomotor lab
Miia Kivipelto Clinical geriatric epidemiology
Torkel Klingberg Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Ingrid Kockum  Multiple sclerosis
Eva Kosek Mechanisms of pain and treatment
Seppo Koskinen Medical radiology
Krister Kristensson Neurodegenerative disease mechanisms
Marianne Kristiansson Forensic neuroscience
Maria Kugelberg Cataract surgery
Arvind Kumar Computational models of brain diseases (KTH)
Anders Kvanta Retinal diseases


Hugo Lagercrantz Neonatal pain
François Lallemend Sensory neuron specification and connectivity
Mikael Landén Biological psychiatry
Henrik Larsson Gene-environmental interplay and psychiatric disorders
Jan-Olov Larsson Child and adolescent psychiatry
Lars Larsson Neurophysiology
Catharina Lavebratt Neurogenetics
Håkan Leifman Prevention of alcohol and drug addiction
Mats Lekander Psychoneuroimmunology
Urban Lendahl Notch signaling in development and disease
Rosario Leopardi Molecular psychiatry
Paul Lichtenstein Genetic and environmental influences on health
Nils Lindefors Psychiatric diagnosis and treatment
Bengt Linderoth Functional neurosurgery
Maria Lindskog Synaptic transmission and mood disorders
Anette Lohmander Speech and language pathology
Daniel Lundqvist Emotion & Cognition
Niklas Långström Psychiatric epidemiology
Johan Lökk Stroke, parkinsons, dementia
Martin Lövdén Cognitive neuroscience
Anna Magnusson Communication sounds in the brain
Abdel El Manira Neurophysiology
Ulrika Marklund Development of the enteric nervous system
Thomas Masterman Molecular epidemiology of multiple sclerosis
David Mataix-Cols Child and adolescent psychiatry, focusing on anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and related disorders 
Björn Meister Brain control of food intake and body weight
Konstantinos Meletis Optogenetic studies of limbic circuits
Bo Melin Cognitive and emotional abilities in relation to health
Abdul Mohammed Behavior and environment in dementia
Per Montan Diseases of the anterior eye parts
Mussie Msghina fMRI
Jonas Muhr Stem cell biology
Agneta Nordberg Alzheimer's disease, PET imaging, neuroplasticity
Klas Nordlind Neurocutaneous mechanisms
Peter Nordström Risk assessment, management and prevention
Ullakarin Nyberg Suicide, loss and consequences
Lars Olson Synaptic plasticity, formation and malleability of memories
Andreas Olsson Emotion and attention
Mats Olsson Human olfaction
Tomas Olsson Clinical and experimental neuroimmunology


Tom Palmstierna Social and forensic psychiatry
Nancy Pedersen Genetic and environmental influences on diseases
Thomas Perlmann Molecular developmental biology and stem cells
Fredrik Piehl Inflammation and neurodegeneration after neurotrauma
Agneta Richter-Dahlfors Tissue microbiology, organic bioelectronics
Mårten Risling Experimental traumatology
Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez Multitracer PET imaging in Alzheimer's disease
Christian Rück Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and genetics
Bo Runeson Epidemiology of affective disorder and suicide
Per-Anders Rydelius Child and adolescent psychiatry
Ivanka Savic Berglund Behavioral neurology
Martin Schalling Neurogenetics
Gunnar Schulte Receptor biology and signaling
Marianne Schultzberg Mechanisms in neurodegeneration
Åke Seiger Transplantation and repair
Thomas Sejersen Neuropediatrics
Stefan Seregard Clinical ophtalmology
Eva Serlachius Treatment development - child and adolescent psychiatry
Oleg Shupliakov Neuronal membrane trafficking
Gilad Silberberg Neurophysiology
Andras Simon Regeneration mechanisms in an aquatic salamander
Kirsty Spalding Cell regeneration in health, disease and aging
Sharon Stone-Elander Cognitive neurophysiology - medical radiochemistry
Roger Strömberg Nucleic acids for diagnostics and gene therapy
Patrick Sullivan Psychiatric genetics
Erik Sundström Transplantation and repair
Per Svenningsson Neuropharmacology - movement disorders
Camilla Svensson Molecular pain mechanisms
Mikael Svensson Neurosurgery
Torgny H Svensson Neuropsychopharmacology
Peter Swoboda Sorting and transport in C. elegans neurons
Per Södersten Neuroendokrinologisk beteendeforskning
Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér Neural differentiation and cancer development


Kristiina Tammimies Genomics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Lars Terenius Experimental addiction research
Lisa B Thorell Cognitive processes and ADHD
Jari Tiihonen Psychopharmacology, schizophrenia, substance abuse
Lars Tjernberg Gamma-secretase and the amyloid beta-peptide
Torbjörn Tomson Epilepsy
Mats Trulsson Sensory-motor control of mastication
Per Uhlén Intracellular signaling
Mats Ulfendahl Experimental audiology and otology
Brun Ulfhake Mechanisms in aging
Fredrik Ullén Neural mechanisms of expertise
Matti Viitanen Geriatrics
Vladana Vukojevic Experimental alcohol- and drug dependence research
Nils Gunnar Wahlgren Stroke
Lars-Olof Wahlund Alzheimer's disease: diagnostics and therapy
Elisabet Waldenlind Neurovascular headache
Eric Westman Biomarkers in neurodegenerative disorders
Zsuzsanna Wiesenfeld-Hallin Neuropathic pain
Bengt Winblad Alzheimer's disease, geriatrics
Ola Winqvist Cellular immunotherapy
Jan Ygge Eye movement
Jie Zhu Neuroinflammation and neuroimmunity
Ulrika Ådén Saving the brain in critically ill neonates
Anna Åberg Wistedt Affective and anxiety disorders
Torbjörn Åkerstedt Psychology, stress and recovery
Peter Århem Ion channels
Dag Årsland Translational geriatric neuropsychiatry
Marie Åsberg Behandlingsforskning
Sven Ove Ögren Cognitive mechanisms underlying complex behaviour