Researchers in healthcare sciences

Lena Borell, occupational therapy

Yvonne Brandberg, care sciences with focus on oncology

Mats Brommels, medical management

Eva Broström, motion and walking analysis

Eling de Bruin, physiotherapy

Kyllike Christensson, health system research within the area of reproductive and perinatal health

Ann-Christin Eliasson, neurology with focus on cerebral palsy

Azita Emami, nursing research

Lars E Eriksson, health related quality of life

Johan Fastbom, geriatric pharmacology

Erika Franzén, physiotherapy

Kerstin Fugl-Meyer, social work

Susanne Guidetti,  occupational therapy

Petter Gustavsson, differential psychology

Maria Hagströmer, physiotherapy

Henna Hasson, implemenation research

Gert Helgesson, medical ethics

Peter Henriksson, sex hormones, lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

Jan Huggare, orthodontics

Jan Jakobsson, anesthesiology

Staffan Josephsson, occupational therapy

Linus Jönsson, health economy

Anna Kiessling, medical education

Lena von Koch, healthcare research

Sabine Koch, health informatics

Inger Kull, healthcare science

Pernilla Lagergren, surgical care sciences

Ann Langius-Eklöf, nursing

Staffan Lindblad, medical leadership, organization and innovation

Urban Lindgren, orthopaedics

Johan Lundin, medical technology specialising in digital diagnostics

Niels Lynöe, medical ethics

Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, insurance medicine

Gunnar Nilsson, general medicine with a focus on medical informatics

Ulrika Nilsson, nursing and e-health

Lena Nilsson-Wikmar, physiotherapy

Eva Nissen, perinatal nursing

Louise Nygård, occupational therapy

Christina H. Opava, physiotherapy with focus on reumatology

John Øvretveit, medical management

Marti Parker, geriatric epidemiology

Pernilla Pergert, childhood cancer healthcare research

Clas Rehnberg, health economics

Christer Sandahl, care sciences, social and behavioural sciences

Charlotte Silén, medical education

Olof Sköldenberg, orthopaedics

Terese Stenfors, medical education

Peter Strang, palliative oncology

Agneta Ståhle, balance, walking ability, physical activity and health-related quality of life in adults and elderly

Maria Södersten, speech and language pathology, voice treetment

Mats Thorslund, social gerontology

Anders Thorell, surgery

Carol Tishelman, innovative care

Göran Tomson, health systems and policy research

Lena Törnkvist, clinical primary care and nursing

Ulla Waldenström, maternal and newborn care and parental experiences

Yvonne Wengström, nursing

Lena Wettergren, quality of life and health of people who have and have had cancer