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Researchers in epidemiology and public health sciences

Researcher Research area
Hans-Olov Adami Cancer epidemiology
Lars Agréus General medical gastroenterology
Anders Ahlbom Interaction between factors in life style, living environment and genes
Maria Albin Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Kristina Alexanderson Insurance medicine
Lars Alfredsson Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Peter Allebeck Social epidemiology
Catarina Almqvist Malmros Asthma and inflammatory diseases in childhood and adolescence
Olof Beck Analytical toxicology and pharmacology
Rino Bellocco Epidemiology of cancer and other chronic diseases
Ulf Bergman Pharmacoepidemiology
Staffan Bergström International health
Leif Bertilsson Clinical pharmacology
Jörgen Borg Traumatic and vascular brain injury
Kristian Borg Neuromuscular diseases
Matteo Bottai Biostatistics
Cynthia Bulik Epidemiology, eating disorders
Bo Burström Equity and health policy
Katarina Bälter Nutrition epidemiology
Sven Cnattingius Reproductive epidemiology
Kamila Czene Cancer epidemiology
Christina Dalman Psychiatric Epidemiology
Marja-Liisa Dahl Clinical pharmacology
Mauro D'Amato Molecular genetics of gastrointestinal disease
Paul Dickman Methods for population-based cancer survival analysis
Joakim Dillner Infectious disease epidemiology
Vinod K Diwan Epidemiology and health systems
Anders Ekbom Clinical epidemiology
Anna Mia Ekström Global health - hiv-prevention
Erik Eliasson Pharmacogenetics
Elisabeth Faxelid Sexual and reproductive health with focus on youth
Maria Feychting Health effects of non-ionising radiation
Yvonne Forsell Mental ill-health in work and relationships
Laura Fratiglioni Epidemiological studies of neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly
Johan Fritzell Social gerontology
Claes Frostell Acute lung injury
Henrik Grönberg Cancer epidemiology
Lars L Gustafsson Clinical pharmacology
Per Gustavsson Chemical and physical health risks in the work environment
Per Hall Radiation epidemiology
Annika Hanberg Toxicology
Christina Hultman Psychiatric epidemiology
Keith Humphreys Statistical methods
Helen Håkansson Endocrine and reproductive toxicology
Irene Jensen Intervention and implementation research
Tomas Jernberg Epidemiology
Gunnar Johansson Uptake, disposition and acute effects of chemical exposures
Kristina Johnell Geriatric Pharmacoepidemiology
Akira Kaneko Malaria prevention
Helle Kieler Pharmacoepidemiology
Miia Kivipelto Clinical geriatric epidemiology
Lucie Laflamme Injury epidemiology and prevention
Jesper Lagergren Cancer of the oesophagus and stomach
Mats Lambe Pregnancy-associated breast cancer
Håkan Leifman Prevention of alcohol and drug addiction
Paul Lichtenstein Genetic epidemiology
Carola Lidén Occupational and environmental dermatology
Gunnar Lilja Environmental factors behind allergy
Jan-Eric Litton Biomedical computer science
Knut Lönnroth Social medicine
Staffan Marklund Working life sciences
Tahereh Moradi Migration Epidemiology
Lennart Möller Health risks in the environment
Olof Nyrén Clinical epidemiology
Juni Palmgren Statistical methods
Marti Parker Geriatric epidemiology
Yudi Pawitan Biostatistics
Nancy Pedersen Genetic epidemiology
Stefan Swartling Peterson Global health
Göran Pershagen Environmental epidemiology
Anders Rane Pharmacogenomics
Agneta Rannug Mechanisms of action of toxic pollutants that bind to and activate the AHR
Clas Rehnberg Health economics
Marie Reilly Biostatistics
Per-Anders Rydelius Child and adolescent psychiatry
Gunilla Sandborgh Englund Dental biomaterials
Liselotte Schäfer Elinder

Community nutrition and physical activity

Michael Sjöström Dietary and physical activity
Pär Sparén Medical epidemiology
Gunnar Steineck Clinical cancer epidemiology
Ulla Stenius Chemical carcinogensis, prevention and risk assessment
Cecilia Stålsby-Lundborg Resistance to antibiotics
Jesper Tegnér Computational medicine
Anna Thorson Global health - hiv and tubercolosis epidemiology
Göran Tomson Health systems and policy research
Marie Vahter Metal toxicology
Danuta Wasserman Prevention of suicide and mental ill-health
Elisabete Weiderpass Cancer epidemiology
Alicja Wolk Nutrition epidemiology
Per Wändell General medicine
Weimin Ye Medical epidemiology
Agneta Åkesson Epidemiology, nutrition and toxicology
Claes-Göran Östenson Pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes
Jan Östergren Heart diseases