Research leaders in ageing research

There is ongoing ageing research at several of Karolinska Institutet's departments. Many of our researchers in ageing are also affiliated to Aging research Centre (ARC), a collaboration with Stockholm University.

Researchers and their expert areas

Maria Ankarcrona, experimental neurogeriatrics

Jovan Antović, clinical chemistry and ageing in haemophilia

Eling de Bruin, physiotherapy 

Lars Bäckman, the psychology of ageing

Angel Cedazo Minguez, molecular neurogeriatrics

Maria Eriksdotter, geriatrics and Alzheimers disease

Maria Eriksson, molecular genetics in ageing

Johan Fastbom, geriatric pharmacology

Laura Fratiglioni, medical epidemiology in dementia

Johan Fritzell, socialgerontologi

Caroline Graff, genetic dementia research

Thomas Gustafsson, clinical physiology and ageing

Agneta Herlitz, the psycholgy and cognition of ageing

Janne Johansson, biological dementia research

Pekka Katajisto, stemcells and ageing

Miia Kivipelto, clinical geriatric epidemiology

Martin Lövdén, cognitive neuroscience in ageing

Karin Modig, ageing and health

Agneta Nordberg, clinical neuroscience and Alzheimers disease

Nancy Pedersen, genetic epidemiology

Dorota Religa, geriatrics

Christian Riedel, ageing and related diseases

Peter Stenvinkel, renal medicine and vascular ageing

Mats Thorslund, socialgerontology

Lars Tjernberg, Alzheimers disease

Matti Viitanen, clinical geriatrics

Lars-Olof Wahlund, geriatrics

Eric Westman, neurogeriatrics

Bengt Winblad, geriatrics

Dag Årsland, clinical dementia research

Departments and centres

Department of Biosciences and Nutrition

Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology

Department of Laboratory Medicine

Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department of Medicine, Huddinge

Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society

Agin Research Center, ARC