News for KERIC

Permits from Jordbruksverket

We do now have the permit from Jordbruksverket to host animals at new KERIC in BioClinicum, and has a preliminary licens to scan also pigs in 3T MR, PET-CT, PET-MR and GEs Photon counting CT.

New Operation Manager

We welcome Rafael Frias as the new Operation Manager over AKM and KERIC. He is also the AWO for our sites. 



Allura FlexMove Xper FD20, Angiographical-CT from Philips.

We are looking into a collaburation with Mentice and Philips to incoporate a guidewire simulator to our Angio system. It is our intension that such a simulator will be a useful tool that can complement the agio system. The plan is also to develop new features to simulate translational applications and the latest guide wire devices.

Another replacemnet project we are looking into is together with LifeTec group is the “beating heart box”. It is a system where a beating free heart is set up and can be used for various applications. Such as: Preclinical Contract Research with realistic testing methods, making bespoke equipment and test methods available as purchase or lease services, and providing clinical training and workshop activities to introduce new device technology to the clinical end-users.



KERIC has two PET-CT from Mediso that we often operate together. Both are also equipped with double beds so can run up to 4 mice at the same time. We are working on increasing that capacity even more.

We aslo have a close collaboration with the Radio Pharmacy lab (RCF) and there is a synchrotron in the basement right under our facility. Active ligands are sent to us straight away with tube post. Quickest and safest way to transport it, especially when time is of essens for the PET project.

PET-MR are at KERIC best done with our PET system and combined with our 9.4T MRI that is equiped with a 4 channel phsed array cryocoil. 


Patrik Jarvoll