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Research in health care sciences

Health care sciences are extensive subjects that include studies in a number of disciplines such as nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and health economics. Studies at Karolinska Institutet can be applied to such widely-separated areas as cancer, dementia and musculoskeletal problems. They can also include defined sub-sets of the general population such as the elderly, women, children and people of different cultural origins.

Within health care sciences the origins and the preconditions for both disease and health are examined, as well as the consequences of disease from biological, psychosocial, societal, cultural and economic perspectives. Health care sciences also focus on the reactions and experiences of patients and their family to care and treatment.

Heath care sciences research examine questions such as how best to serve food to a cancer patient undergoing radiotherapy (which sensitises individuals to odours), which techniques are most effective for the transportation of the patient and which methods of complementary or alternative care can be shown by scientific studies to have an effect on various conditions.

Other lines of research include womens and childrens health, natural ageing, different aspects of living with a life-long illness and common denominators in the experience of people that have lived through traumatic events. Health care research at KI also examines the organisation and management of healthcare, as well as health informatics and health economics.