Development / Stem Cells / Repair

Developmental neuroscientists study how neurons are generated from progenitor cells, how they divide, survive, and adopt specific identities, and migrate to sites where they are incorporated into neuronal circuits.

A human patient iPS cell colony stained for pluripotency markers Oct4 in green and Tra1-81 in red
A human patient iPS cell colony stained for pluripotency markers Oct4 in green and Tra1-81 in red. Photo M. Shahsavani/Anna Falk laboratory.

This knowledge is critical for further understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders, paediatric tumours in the nervous system, and certain psychiatric conditions such as autism.

Developmental neurobiology research is merging with that of the rapidly advancing stem cell field to provide an exciting platform for translational medicine aimed at developing reparative and regenerative treatment strategies for neurodegenerative disorders or traumatic injuries.

Group leaders and research areas

Ernest Arenas, Development and generation of dopamine neurons

Klas Blomgren, Injury and repair in the developing brain

Lou Brundin, Applied neuroscience and stem cells

Gonçalo Castelo-Branco, Epigenetic states during oligodendrocyte development

Sandra Ceccatelli, Developmental neurotoxicology

Staffan Cullheim, Synaptic plasticity and immune molecules

Johan Ericson, Neuronal fate determination in the developing CNS

Patrik Ernfors, Molecular neurobiology

Anna Falk, Induced pluripotent stem cells

Kaj Fried, Molecular determinants of tooth innervation

Jonas Frisén, Stem cells in tissue homeostasis and regenerative medicine

Tibor Harkany, Neurodevelopment, endocannabinoid signaling

Ola Hermanson, Neuronal development and differentiation

Jens Hjerling-Leffler, Genetics of adolescent brain development

Johan Holmberg, Neuronal differentiation and tumour formation

Carlos Ibáñez, Functions and signaling mechanisms of growth factors

François Lallemend, Sensory neuron specification and connectivity

Urban Lendahl, Notch signaling in development and disease

Jonas Muhr, Stem cell biology

Lars Olson, Regeneration, transplantation, Parkinson's disease

Thomas Perlmann, Molecular developmental biology and stem cells

Mårten Risling, Experimental traumatology

Gunnar Schulte, Receptor biology and signaling

András Simon, Regeneration mechanisms in an aquatic salamander

Kirsty Spalding, Cell regeneration in health, disease and aging

Peter Swoboda, Sorting and transport in C. elegans neurons

Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, Neural differentiation and cancer development

Per Uhlén, Intracellular signaling

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