Global Bridges to Advance Health Care Science Careers for Junior Researchers 2022

The Strategic Research Program in Health Care Science (SFO-V) at Karolinska Institutet, Bridging Research and Practice for Better Health, is based on governmental funding. The program now announces the sixth initiative for the development of junior researchers' international careers. 

Global Bridges  

The initiative is designed to address selected goals of the research program, i.e. to enhance the expertise, the number of funded post-docs and junior researchers, and to strengthen international collaboration in health care science. In launching Global Bridges to Advance Health Care Science Careers for Junior Researchers in 2013 the SFO-V hoped to support long lasting international collaborations for the future, which are essential for the developments and globalization of health care science at KI. Top international scholars in health care science from for example Australia, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, UK and USA have participated in the Global Bridges initiative in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Collaborations have resulted in joint research projects, exchange programs and visits. By providing financial support and inviting international scholars to visit KI in Stockholm, Sweden, for one week during September 12 - 16, 2022, this program will facilitate the building of networks and future collaboration between junior researchers and international scholars. 

The application procedure includes two steps. First, the idea for invitation of a specific international scholar should be presented in an application to the SFO-V and, in a second step after review, five  to 10 scholars will be selected to be invited.

Eligible to apply  

Junior researchers in health care science at KI with a PhD, maximum 7 years after thesis defense, can apply. Those who have already previously participated in the Global Bridges program are no longer eligible as applicants or co applicants. 

First step: Application Procedure

One junior researcher (main applicant) alone or together with maxium two other junior researchers affiliated with KI (co-applicants) should suggest an established international scholar (i.e. outside Sweden), with whom they would like to initiate research collaboration, in an application to the SFO-V.

The application

The application should be written in English and consist of:

1) A complete applications form "Application for junior researchers in health care science" (enclosed further down in the document)

2) A maximum two-page CV for the junior researcher(s).

3) A copy of the doctoral thesis abstract(s).

4) A presentation of the international scholar (maximum two pages), including a statement that the international scholar is willing to travel to Sweden and participate in a 2-day retreat program in Stockholm in September 12 - 16, 2022, together with the other invited scholars and junior researchers.

5) A maximum one-page reflection on how to develop research ideas together with the suggested international scholar. The junior researcher(s) should outline ideas for the future, including how the international scholar could support the junior researchers’ ideas. Furthermore, a statement should be included, clarifying that there has been no prior working relationship between the international scholar and the research group to which the junior researcher belongs, i.e. no past, ongoing or planned studies or publications between any research group member and the international scholar.


Criteria for assessment 

The criteria for assessment of applications are as follows: 

  • The potential for the new research ideas to exert a sustained, powerful influence on health care science at KI and internationally.
  • The CV(s) of the junior researcher(s) and the international scholar, including evidence of the quality of research, productivity, and success in other prior collaborations.


Second step: The invitation of international scholars

After reviewing of all applications, the steering group of SFO-V will select the international scholars, who will be invited by the SFO-V, to visit KI during September 2022. The international scholars will be financed for round trip travel costs (economy class) and up to one week’s stay in Sweden by the SFO-V.

A program for the retreat will be developed and will include presentations, discussions, and debates on topics related to the development of health care research internationally. The junior researchers selected for participation are expected to work on the program together with the SFO-V leadership team, which includes meetings, preparing of the joint and individual programs etc. The retreat is intended to serve as a meeting place and provide opportunities to work on research ideas in individual groups, consisting of the international scholar and the junior researcher(s), as well as shared larger group discussions and presentations of plans with the other international scholars and junior researchers. 

In addition, the main applicant will act as the host of the international scholar and will also be responsible for planning additional meetings and visits during the international scholar’s stay in Sweden. 


For more information please contact Professor Staffan Josephsson (


Last date for application

Applications should be submitted to SFO-V Coordinator no later than February 16, 2022.




Staffan Josephsson, professor

Director Strategic Research Area Health Care Science


The entire application, including all supplements, should be submitted as one pdf document. If incomplete and/or received after deadline, applications will not be handled.

Application form Global Bridges

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