Psycho-oncology – Yvonne Brandberg's Group

Research with focus in psycho-oncology, i.e. behavioral aspects of cancer prevention, psychosocial reactions to cancer treatment as well as prevention in high-risk groups, effects of cancer treatment, satisfaction and quality of life in clinical trials, development of questionnaires.


Selected publications


Lucy Bai
Long-term follow-up after risk-reducing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction – from a patient, partner and 3D perspective. Karolinska Institutet 2021

Marie Koitsalu
Individualized prostate cancer testing: men's views on participation
Karolinska Institutet 2020

Anna Kullberg
Person-centered shift handovers in oncological inpatient care
Karolinska Institutet 2019

Khairul Majumder
Radiotherapy in prostate cancer: information, quality of life and prostate volume
Karolinska Institutet 2016

Mia Bergenmar
Cutaneous malignant melanoma aspects on prevention.
Karolinska Institutet 2001

Helena Michelson
Long term health-related quality of life among women with high-risk breast cancer receiving adjuvant high-dose chemotherapy : A comparison with the normal population
Karolinska Institutet 2002

Richard Bränström
Skin cancer prevention : Behaviours related to sun exposure and early detection
Karolinska Institutet 2003
Abstract and thesis

Thomas Wahlgren
High dose rate brachytherapy boost for localized prostate cancer : Clinical and patient-reported outcomes
Karolinska Institutet 2006
Abstract and thesis