Bioinformatics Seminar Series

The Bioinformatics seminar series connected bioinformaticians and other researchers working on bioinformatics related issues in Hong Kong and Stockholm. The participants were mostly from MWLC research groups and our close collaborators.

Monthly seminars give researchers an opportunity to present their studies, share ideas and discuss topics typically related to bioinformatics data analysis and software development of cutting-edge technologies, such as gene expression and epigenomics at a single-cell level and CRISPR gene editing.


Seminar schedule
Date Speaker Presentation title
11/30 Marek Bartosovic (Gonçalo Castelo-Branco's lab) Single cell profiling of histone modifications in the mouse brain
12/07 Jilin Zhang (Bioinformatics platform, Hong Kong) An unconventional path to computationally dissect the regulome


Seminar schedule
Date Speaker Presentation title
01/21 Eneritz Agirre (Gonçalo Castelo-Branco's lab) Identifying chromatin accessibility states of oligodendrocyte lineage cells in disease with scATAC-seq
02/25 Baifeng Zhang (Zongli Zheng's lab) SplitFusion: An Ultra-sensitive and Fast Method for Detecting Gene Fusions
04/28 Shangli Cheng (Bioinformatics Platform) Single-cell transcriptomics reveals MHCII expressing keratinocytes in human chronic wounds to a worse prognosis
05/19 Zhuang Liu (Ning Xu Landen’s lab) Profiling of circular RNA and identification of circRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory network in human skin wound healing
06/16 Louis Faure (Medical University of Vienna) Transcriptional landscape of fate choices in the sensory lineages
10/20 Carmen Navarro (Simon Elsässer’s lab) An embryonic stem cell-specific heterochromatin state promotes core histone exchange in the absence of DNA accessibility


Seminar schedule
Date Speaker Presentation title
01/15 Soniya Savant (Christian Göritz’s lab) Heterogeneity in perivascular cells contributing to cancer stroma
02/19 Shangli Cheng (Bioinformatics Platform) Spatial transcriptomics and in silico random pooling identify novel dopamine neuron subtype markers
03/12 Carmen Navarro (Simon Elsässer’s lab) Designing a CRISPR sgRNA library targeting custom ORFs
04/09 Athena Chu (Zongli Zheng's lab) Constructing a high-fidelity Staphylococcus aureus Cas9 variant for efficient gene editing
10/22 Pankaj Kumar (Fredrik Lanner's lab) Genomic Analysis of hESC to RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium) Differentiation: a prospective study for clinical safety
11/26 Yin Yu Lam (Ronald Li’s lab, University of Hong Kong) Intrinsic contractile defects in pulmonary atresia revealed by single-cell transcriptomics and engineered cardiac tissues


Seminar schedule
Date Speaker Presentation title
10/09 David van Bruggen (Gonçalo Castelo-Branco's lab) Developmental trajectories towards the oligodendrocyte lineage in the mouse and human brain: insights from single-cell RNA-Seq
11/13 Haohao Wu (Francois Lallemend’s lab) Neuronal heterogeneity and stereotyped connectivity in the auditory afferent system
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