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Psychiatry / Neuropharmacology

Research in psychiatry concerns conditions such as addiction, depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, personality disorders and suicidal behaviour.

Clinical scientists strive to improve diagnosis and treatment of these conditions based on improved phenotypic characterization, using for example neuropsychology and brain imaging by positron emission tomography (PET).

Genetic markers in clinical cohorts are analyzed with regard to treatment response and long-term outcome. Basic scientists develop and use animal models to elucidate fundamental mechanisms contributing to psychiatric disease and to design new treatment strategies.

Research groups

Researcher Research area
Susanne Bejerot ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
Anne H. Berman Treatment of alcohol and drug problems
Marie Carlén Brain networks and psychiatric disorders
Aila Collins Psychology, women's health
Pia Enebrink Child and adolescent psychiatry
Göran Engberg Electrophysiological neuropharmacology
Sophie Erhardt Neuropsychopharmacology
Lars Farde Positron emission tomography in the human brain
Gilberto Fisone Molecular neuropharmacology
Lena Flyckt Clinical characteristics
Johan Franck Treatment of addictive disorders
Kjell Fuxe Molecular neuropharmacology
Clara Gumpert Mental disorder and antisocial development
Petter Gustavsson Differential psychology and health
Christer Halldin Positron emission tomography in the human brain
Anders Helander Alcohol biomarkers
Erik Jönsson Psychiatric genetics
Håkan Karlsson Molecular genetic studies of schizophrenia
Marianne Kristiansson Forensic neuroscience
Mikael Landén Biological psychiatry
Håkan Leifman Prevention of alcohol and drug addiction
Rosario Leopardi Molecular psychiatry
Nils Lindefors Psychiatric diagnosis and treatment
Maria Lindskog Synaptic transmission and mood disorders
Niklas Långström Psychiatric epidemiology
Bo Melin Cognitive and emotion in relation to health
Mussie Msghina fMRI
Peter Nordström Risk assessment, management and prevention
Ullakarin Nyberg Suicide, loss and consequences
Tom Palmstierna Social and forensic psychiatry
Christian Rück Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and genetics
Bo Runeson Epidemiology of affective disorder and suicide
Per-Anders Rydelius Child and adolescent psychiatry
Gabriella Schmitz Lundkvist Circadian rhythms in health and disease
Eva Serlachius Treatment development - child and adolescent psychiatry
Sharon Stone-Elander Cognitive neurophysiology - medical radiochemistry
Per Svenningsson Neuropharmacology - movement disorders
Torgny Svensson Neuropsychopharmacology
Lars Terenius Experimental addiction research
Lisa Thorell Cognitive processes and ADHD
Jari Tiihonen Psychopharmacology, schizophrenia, substance abuse
Anna Åberg Wistedt Affective and anxiety disorders
Dag Årsland Translational geriatric neuropsychiatry
Sven Ove Ögren Cognitive mechanisms underlying complex behaviour